This Armoured Tesla Model S Is The Fastest Bulletproof Car In The World

by Kshitij Rawat | 15/05/2020
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Recently, a company called Armormax has built the fastest armoured vehicle in the world, a customised Tesla Model S!

Armoured vehicles are not a new concept. VIPs like rich magnates and government officials often get their vehicles armour-plated for protection against any potential attack. Armormax, a US-based firm, has recently created an armoured version of the Tesla Model S.

Fastest Bulletproof Car in the World | Armormax Inc

The car is question is a Tesla Model S P100D, the most powerful trim. It has a maximum power of 505 PS and 660 Nm of maximum power and peak torque, respectively. Just like a traditional electric vehicle, the Model S comes with a one-speed transmission. With such figures, it’s no surprise that the car is an explosive performer. Tesla claims a 0 to 100 kmph time of 2.7 seconds and an electronically-limited top speed of 250 kmph. The kerb weight of the car is 2,250 kg, and with the extra armour on-board, a total of 250 kg extra has been added. As opposed to traditional armour plating, which uses steel, this one uses synthetic fibre laminate armour, which is not only lighter, but stronger as well.

This Armoured Tesla Model S Is The Fastest Bulletproof Car In The World

Bulletproof Tesla Model S by Armormax

Armormax is the lightweight armouring division of International Armoring Corporation, and its headquarter is located in Ogden, Utah. According to the company, synthetic fibre laminate armour is 80% lighter than regular steel armour. It isn’t just reinforced armour, it is bulletproof as well. A similar spec traditional steel armour is estimated to weigh around 1,300 kg more! As such, there isn’t much difference in the performance of the car after the mod-job. In fact, Armormax claims this to be the fastest bulletproof car in the world.


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Even with such an extensive modification, the comfort of the Tesla Model S has not been compromised. All the features and systems provided available as standard remain operational, and even the front windows can be rolled down if needed, although it isn’t recommended. It is understandable that if someone buys a bulletproof car, they would want to keep the windows up to avoid all potential bullets! According to reports, this particular Tesla was built on orders by a businessman in the middle-east, who wished to have the best possible security available for his car.

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