Bentley Continental GT W12 Breaks Down On Its Test Drive

by Harish Kumar | 06/11/2019
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Price of the Bentley Continental GT W12 is at around Rs 4.31 Crore (on-road, Delhi).

For all four-wheelers addicts, the Bentley Continental GT barely needs an introduction. The third-gen iconic grand tourer entered the Indian market in 2018 and it has gained quite a massive popularity in the country since its launch. Recognized as a symbol of luxury and sheer opulence, the Bentley car attracts a wide range of customers, especially the famous ones. Driving in a Bentley car surely gives you confidence, however, if you think these kinds of high-end cars will never face problems confronted by regular mass-market cars, you’re totally wrong. This video shows a brand-new Bentley Continental GT W12 broke down during its test drive that caused a serious traffic jam in Mumbai's famous sea link.

Bentley Continental GT breaks down on the go | Supercar Sunday in Mumbai | Horsepower Cartel

When the British carmaker revealed the third-generation Bentley Continental GT at Frankfurt Motor Show last year, it was advocated to create a new benchmark for all GTs in the automotive world. However, now that Bentley cars are not manufactured in India and get a complicated mechanical and electronic system under the bonnet, they can be stranded on the Indian roads sometime.

The above video shows a blue-coloured Continental GT W12 during its massive test-drive held by supercar owners in Mumbai on Sunday. The Bentley takes the spotlight with its gorgeous appearance in a shade of blue, the luxurious cabin as well as its ultra-impressive hair-raising performance at initial stage.

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bentley continental gt test drive front three quarters

The Bentley Continental GT was introduced to the Indian enthusiasts in 2018 at the price starting from Rs 3.7 Crore (ex-showroom).

The vehicle was test-driven around the roads of Mumbai and we could easily hear the almighty roar of the W12 engine from the video as well. Nevertheless, it’s towards the end of the video that the Bentley conked out in the middle of the road. The expensive car totally shut down and got stranded after crossing the Bandra Worli Sea Link that caused a slowdown of vehicles stretching for a long distance.

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The Bentley owner then had its car towed in a flatbed truck to the service centre. Even though the Bentley officials presenting at the scenario couldn’t pinpoint the incidents. However, they assumed that there might have been some problems with the fuel injection or ignition system. One should note that the poor-quality fuel can cause to shut down the W12 engine which is quite a high-tech unit.

bentley continental gt w12 towed on flatbed

Despite having a super-powerful W12 engine, this Bentley Continental GT suddenly broke down on the drive in Mumbai.

The latest-gen Bentley Continental GT hit the market with a lighter weight and more powerful powertrain system as against the outgoing version. It draws the power from a massive 6.0-litre W12 twin-turbo petrol engine that is good for a max power of 635 PS and a whopping torque of 90 Nm. This engine comes paired with a new 8-speed dual-clutch transmission and propels the car from 0 – 100 kmph in only 3.7 seconds. The Continental GT gets electronically-limited top speed of 333 kmph. Other than that, it also gets Bentley Dynamic Ride with a 48-volt electric active roll system, thus improving the ride quality and handling of the model. The price of the Bentley Continental GT W12 is at around Rs 4.31 Crore (on-road, Delhi).

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