Best Modified Honda Brio Cars in India

by Vivaan Khatri | 18/08/2020
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Honda Brio was a traditional hatchback with compact size and cute-looking design. However, with certain modifications, the Hondra Brio can look extremely outlandish and unique.

Honda Brio was first launched in India in 2011. This hatchback was offered as the entry-level vehicles in Honda’s Indian line-up. However, this hatchback does not meet the expectation and could not compete with other contenders in the same space. The low sales has led to its discontinuation last year. Even though the hatchback does not meet a considerable commercial success, the Brio is still a decent hatchback with good design and acceptable performance. While this hatchback has gone out of production in the new car market, the small hatchback still attracts a number of customers in the used car segment. For Honda Brio owners who want to renew their hatchback, IndianAuto will give you some suggestions of good-looking modified Honda Brio.

Modified Honda Brio by Motortrendz

This Honda Brio was modified extensively by the Bangalore-based Motortrendz car custom garage. Both the exterior and interior of this hatchback has undergone a significant makeover.

modified honda brio top view

This Honda Brio must be one of the sickest modified version of this hatchback 

For the exterior, Honda Brio is given a complete overhaul. On the front end, all the chrome garnish featured on the stock version was removed entirely, giving way to the intensive use of black-out applique. For example, the chrome grille is replaced with a black mesh grille. It also gets a new headlight with a projector as well as LED DRLs and turn indicators. To make the front end look more aggressive, Honda Brio was given a front lip spoiler.


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On the side and rear end, the Honda Brio receives side skirt, rear bumper and rear spoiler along with wide 15-inch alloy wheels with Yokohama rubber. The older taillight housing remains but the inside lighting was replaced with LED lights. However, the most significant updates of the Honda Brio is the new Avery Dennison Chameleon car wrap which completes the new sporty look of the Honda Brio.

modified honda brio front

Modified Honda Brio features a intensively revised front end 

Coming to the cabin, you will notice that the Honda Brio’s interior is updated with an all-black theme. Along with the new colour scheme, the Honda Brio was given some new technologies, for example, the new 9-inch Android stereo system with 4-channel pioneer amplifier.

Apart from these cosmetic and technologies, the Honda Brio also gets some major updates in terms of engineering. It is equipped with RaceDynamic Powertronic along with K&N air intake, Exedy clutch and lightweight flywheel. These updates help the Honda Brio to increase its power output. It is not an overstatement to say that this Honda Brio is one of the well-done modified Honda Brio ever made in India.

Honda Brio by Design Energized!

Under its stock version, the Honda Brio looks cute and compact. While most car mods on the list tried to change this perception and make this little hatch look sportier and cooler, the following modified Honda Brio is doing the opposite. The modification teams combine the red colour with yellow highlights for the wheel rims, creating a bring palette for the Honda Brio.

modified honda brio three quarter red yellow scheme

Apart from the repainted wheel, this Honda Brio also gets a lip spoiler on both the front and the rear end. The rear end also gets a sporty spoiler and flow exhausts. Moreover, the hatchback also gets aftermarket sunroof.

modified honda brio rear three quarter

Modified Honda Brio By Knight Auto 

Honda Brio is a traditional hatch with a small size and adorable design. However, this modified car by Knight Auto will give you a different impression of the Honda Brio.

The new sporty look of the Honda Brio is presented through the use of a new matte metallic gunmetal grey wrap with gloss yellow graphic for the rear end. The black elements are widely used across the car body. Along with the major black scheme, there are also some yellow inserts around the headlight and lower air dam.

modified honda brio gunmetal side profile

Modified Honda Brio comes with a stylish exterior wrap

To the rear end, the modified hatchback receives a dual exhaust, aluminium-garnished splitter, and black headlights with LED DRLs. The modified Honda Brio is completed with a revised bumper and aftermarket roof spoiler on the rear end.

modified honda brio gunmetal rear end

This modified Honda Brio looks well-executed and put-together 

Modified Honda Brio With Roof Carrier

This customized Honda Brio comes with a unique look. It gets a rooftop cargo carrier which proposes a practical storage solution for the small hatchback. Apart from this functionality-serving addition, the Honda Brio also receives a couple of new design elements like multi-spoke wheel rims with a glossy finish. It appears that this Honda has received a wider front bumper that makes the front end appear more aggressive and sportier.

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