3 Ways To Modify Your Tata Zest

by Vivaan Khatri | 03/08/2020
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Tata Zest is a discontinued compact sedan. However, if you want a good sedan with an affordable price, this is definitely a good choice in the used car marker. with Here is a list of the best modified Tata Zest cars out there.

Making a debut at the Auto Expo 2014, the Tata Zest was launched later in the same year. Despite being equipped with a host of premium and segment-first features, the compact sedan failed to register decent sales in the domestic market. It finally went out of production last year.

tata zest blue side profile

Tata Zest was discontinued last year due to the low sales

Tata Zest was available in six variants, XE, XEM, XMA, XMS, XT and XTA. These two engines were powered by either a 1.2-litre petrol engine or a 1.3-litre diesel motor. While the former can deliver 90PS and 140Nm, the latter puts out a maximum power of 75PS and a top torque of 190 Nm. While the petrol engine is offered with a 5-speed manual, the diesel engine is mated to either a 5-speed manual or an AMT gearbox.


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At the moment, you cannot find a new brand new Tata Zest in the market. However, there are still a variety of options in the used car market. Used Tata Zest is absolutely a good model to reckon on. This sedan is surely an attractive offer with fully-loaded feature list as well as affordable pricing. However, even though the car can meet basically all the essential requirements, there is still room for improvement. In case you want to add spice to your Tata Zest, here we will provide you with several good examples of modified Tata Zest.

Tastfully modified Tata Zest 

From the first glance, it is hard to notice the upgrades on this Tata Zest compared to the original model. The owner of the car retains the stock look of the car without making any significant updates. If you are satisfied with how this sedan looks, you can totally follow the same approach. To refresh the Tata Zest in a subtle way, the car owner has replaced the stock wheels with black-garnished 15-inch Stallion Transformer alloy wheels wrapped in a Falken Tubeless tyres. This new feature effectively enhances the sporty quotient of the Tata Zest.

Modified Tata Zest I Modified Fest

Opening the doors of the car, you will see new scuff plates with the engraved “Zest” letter on it. The major upgrade probably occurs on the interior. With the interior enhancements, there is no doubt that the interior comfort will be improved significantly. The highlight interior update is the new infotainment system and sound system. It gets a 7-inch Hypersonic Android touchscreen along with Rockford Fostage Component car audio with 4 tweeters, two-piece JBL oval speakers and sound barrier amplifier. There are other accessories added to the cabin, including a 7D car mats and a fox leather bucket seat covers with neck rests and pillows. The entire modification is estimated to cost Rs 65,000.


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Tata Zest With Body Stickers

If you are looking for an instant and easy way to boost the styling of the car, car wrap or body decals are two great suggestion. The following Tata Zest, for example, is added various stickers across the body. With such simple retouch, the Zest constantly looks sportier. The original car was a full white car. It is given a black-out roof, creating the contrasting scheme for the exterior. Apart from that, the taillights are given black-out treatment as well.

Tata Zest Body Stickers

Agressively Upgraded Tata Zest

While the first two models make use of a quite simple and straight forward approach. This modified car will be one of the aggressively-restyled models that all people love. On the front end, this car receives a thorough upgrade with a unique aftermarket bumper which reshapes the look of the front end. It now comes with a dominant front grille and larger foglight housing. On the hood, there is a new hood scoop. All these new styling cues, the Tata Zest looks mostly unrecognizable. On the side profile, the Tata Zest is given a new set of alloy wheels with black finish as well as a slim dash of black accent on the side body. In the dark, the car will grow thanks to the underbody ambient lighting.

Modified Tata Zest by B2T Automotive 

The rear end of this compact sedan is given a host of rugged styling elements. The stock bumper is now replaced with a more aggressive and sharper rear bumper. In addition, the wing spoiler significantly improve the fierce look of the car. The rear end look is finished with the installation of dual exhaust pipes.

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