Best Second Hand Cars You Can Buy In India - Maruti Swift to Toyota Innova Crysta

by Harish Kumar | 09/07/2019
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It's said that the used car market in India is significantly bigger than the new one. While an average buyer has many choices in the used car market, here are the Best Second-Hand Cars You Can Buy In India - Maruti Swift to Toyota Innova Crysta

The Indian automobile industry is developing at a magical speed. Brimming with a variety of car brands all around, there are currently millions of attractive cars for sales in India for buyers to pick and choose. And as more cars being added to the production line every month, the pre-owned car market also grows in tandem.

There’s an adage that the minute a new car is driven off the lot by the first-time owner, its value has depreciated almost 10-20 per cent. Interestingly, the rapid depreciation is bad news for many new car buyers but welcome news to the pre-owned ones.

So what are the best second-hand cars to buy? If you are looking for best second-hand cars for sale by owners in India, no matter what you may end up considering, to avoid high devaluation or simply due to your limited budgets, here we’ve compiled a list of top 10 most-searched used cars that you can purchase in our country, by all ways to ease your search to make finding and purchasing your perfect used car a breeze.

1. Maruti Swift

In May 2005, Maruti Suzuki first launched the Maruti Swift in the Indian market. In its latest avatar, the new Swift came back to the showrooms in early 2018, marking its almost 13 years of existence around the Indian space. With a funky look, peppy but frugal engines, low-cost spare parts and convincing transmission choices, the Maruti Swift has nailed its competitors aggressively to become the hottest hatch ever in the right-hand-drive auto space.

maruti swift red front angle

The Swift has been selling like hot cakes in the Indian new car division and the same goes for the used car market and all. In other words, it is currently not only one of the most preferred Maruti cars for sale in India with around 15k sales being registered every month, but also the most sought-after model in the used car buyers' wishlist. Here are some most attractive second-hand Maruti Swift for sale in New Delhi.

Maruti Swift Used Cars For Sale In New Delhi
 Models Production Year  Kms Driven   Price
 Maruti Swift VXI MT  2009  65000  Rs 2.2 Lakh
 Maruti Swift LXI MT  2014  66768  Rs 3.87 Lakh
 Maruti Swift VXI  2017  16000  Rs 5.4 Lakh
 Maruti Swift VXI MT  2016  30000  Rs 4.5 Lakh
 Maruti Swift ZDI  2017  36602  Rs 6.9 Lakh
 Maruti Swift VXI (O)  2017  17000  Rs 5.65 Lakh
 Maruti Swift ZDI  2015  58000  Rs 6.38 Lakh

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2. Maruti Alto

For almost every car aficionados in India, the Maruti Alto 800 has become an iconic entry-level car of all times. The most affordable runabout from the Indo-Japanese carmaker has scaled the heights of its reputation and become No.1 bestseller in India for long, despite the advents of new modern car launches in the country time and again.

maruti alto 800 red front angle

The entry-level hatchback by Maruti Suzuki impresses us with its high resale value, low fuel consumption and maintenance costs as well as reliable ride quality. These are also the main reasons that attract a lot of used car buyers towards the vehicle.

>>> Here're some good examples of the second-hand Maruti Alto for sales in Mumbai.

Maruti Alto Used Cars For Sale In New Delhi
 Models Production Year  Kms Driven   Price
 Maruti Alto 800 LXI MT  2018  11000  Rs 3.35 Lakh
 Maruti Alto 800 LXI  2014  60000  Rs 2.25 Lakh
 Maruti Alto 800 LXI MT CNG  2015  22020  Rs 3.65 Lakh
 Maruti Alto 800 VXI MT  2015  22741  Rs 2.58 Lakh
 Maruti Alto 800 LXI  2013  59717  Rs 2.09 Lakh
 Maruti Alto 800 VXI  2014  12000  Rs 2.35 Lakh
 Maruti Alto 800 LXI Optional  2014  25818  Rs 2.69 Lakh

3. Hyundai Elite i20

hyundai elite i20 blue front angle

The Hyundai Elite i20, which is known as the second-gen Hyundai i20 internationally, is genuinely the most premium well-rounded hatchback that people aspire to buy. The Elite i20 started off its own success story in 2014 when it made up for a large proportion of personal car sales in India with overall 11,000 units being sold every month, attributed to its distinctively premium-looking European design, well-appointed cabin, economical engines and commendable ride and handling prowess.

The Elite i20 received a heavy makeover with a marginal price increase in 2018 and hence, no wonder, the older Elite i20 becomes a good option in the second-hand division accordingly.

Hyundai Elite i20 Used Cars For Sale In Bangalore
 Models Production Year   Kms Driven Price 
 Hyundai Elite i20 1.2 Magna Executive MT  2018  7,057  Rs 6.49 Lakh
 Hyundai Elite i20 Petrol Asta MT  2015  40,047  Rs 6.2 Lakh
 Hyundai Elite i20 1.2 Sportz MT  2017  18,000  Rs 7.25 Lakh
 Hyundai Elite i20 1.2 Asta Optional  2016  19,000  Rs 7.25 Lakh
 Hyundai Elite i20 1.2 Asta  2017  21,023  Rs 6.95 Lakh
 Hyundai Elite i20 1.4 Sportz  2017  14,000  Rs 8.25 Lakh
 Hyundai Elite i20 1.2 Sportz  2014  25,000  Rs 6.25 Lakh

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4. Maruti Dzire

First coming up as a sedan iteration of the Maruti Swift hatchback in 2008, the Maruti Swift Dzire took almost a decade to carve out its own name in the domestic space. Over the years, the Dzire has garnered a large number of fan-followers, not merely in the new car market but the pre-owned segment as well.

maruti dzire silver front angle

High demand for the Maruti Swift-based sedan is courtesy of the plush ride quality, sufficiently roomy cabin, high fuel efficiency and most importantly, the extremely high resale value it gets to offer. Buying cars are so aspirational, especially for the Indian middle class. Considering these above advantages that Dzire brings in, people with tight budgets are having a keen interest in getting a second-hand Maruti Dzire rather than buying a new one. That’s the reason why the Dzire is one of the most popular car names in the second-hand car segment over and over again.

Maruti Dzire Used Cars For Sale In Kolkata
Models   Production Year  Kms Driven  Price
 Maruti Dzire VXI MT  2018  2,536  Rs 6.99 Lakh
 Maruti Dzire ZXI AMT  2017  8,412  Rs 8 Lakh
 Maruti Dzire ZDI MT  2010  88,321  Rs 3.55 Lakh
 Maruti Dzire VDi MT  2016  18,400  Rs 5.3 Lakh
 Maruti Dzire VXI MT  2014  11,568  Rs 3.49 Lakh
 Maruti Dzire ZXI MT  2012  29,000  Rs 3.25 Lakh
 Maruti Dzire ZDI MT  2010  68,958  Rs 3.3 Lakh

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5. Volkswagen Polo

Although Volkswagen is not really a popular car name in the Indian new and used car markets, the Volkswagen Polo is fortunately somewhat of an exception. Apart from its handsome-looking silhouette, the VW Polo offers a solid build, feature-laden cabin and powerful but economical engines and more.

2018 volkswagen polo red front angle

Since getting a new VW Polo will let many people dig quite deep into their pockets, resorting to buying a second hand Polo turns out to be a better deal. Now we’ve collected a list of attractive second-hand VW Polo for sale in Gurgaon for your interests. If you would like to widen your search a bit further, kindly make some filters on the left-side menu to access to thousands of used VW Polo cars for sale in the country.

Volkswagen Polo Used Cars For Sale In Gurgaon
Models  Production Year  Kms Driven Price 
 Volkswagen Polo Comfortline Petrol MT  2012  69,000  Rs 2.65 Lakh
 Volkswagen Polo GT TSI AT  2016  29,000  Rs 6.99 Lakh
 Volkswagen Polo Comfortline 1.2 Diesel  2013  67,000  Rs 3.25 Lakh
 Volkswagen Polo GT TSI  2015  44,000  Rs 6.45 Lakh
 Volkswagen Polo 1.5 TDI Highline  2016  3,750  Rs 6.5 Lakh
 Volkswagen Polo 1.2 MPI Comfortline  2011  59,654  Rs 2.6 Lakh
 Volkswagen Polo 1.2 Trendline  2011  40,191  Rs 2.7 Lakh

>>> Check out the best second-hand Volkswagen Polo for sale in Gurgaon

6. Maruti Ciaz

Maruti Suzuki has proved its ruling position in both new car and used car segments for quite some time now. The evidence is, we’ve just seen its products turning up in this list many times, showing how much love that Maruti cars have received from the Indian car fanatics. And the Maruti Ciaz is such another model.

2018 maruti ciaz blue front angle

Maruti Suzuki sells the comfort-focused spacious sedan via the company’s premium Nexa dealerships but its multiple variants are still good enough to suit all sorts of budgets, honestly. Quite a premium sedan with many bells and whistles and cheap maintenance costs, the Maruti Ciaz is truly an economical car of its space, to say the least. All such these things have translated into the massive popularity it has in the pre-owned cars segment.

>>> Check all pre-owned Maruti Ciaz For Sale In Mumbai

Second-hand Maruti Dzire For Sale In Mumbai
Models   Production Year  Kms Driven Price 
 Maruti Ciaz Zeta MT  2017  15,000  Rs 7.6 Lakh
 Maruti Ciaz ZXI Option MT  2014  73,000  Rs 5.85 Lakh
 Maruti Ciaz MT  2016  18,000  Rs 8.25 Lakh
 Maruti Ciaz VXI Plus MT  2014  43,000  Rs 5.85 Lakh
 Maruti Ciaz AT  2016  69,124  Rs 7.2 Lakh
 Maruti Ciaz Zeta Diesel MT  2017  19,000  Rs 9.0 Lakh
 Maruti Ciaz MT  2014  17,000  Rs 5.75 Lakh

7. Honda City

2017 honda city zx facelift front angle

Certainly, we remembered the Honda City. Since the very first days the sedan from Honda stepped into the Indian land, it has started winning the hearts of many car buyers and things have not changed till today's date. Just like the Maruti Ciaz, the Honda City carries a range of unique selling propositions like high reliability, refinement, fuel mileage along with a backup of Honda’s badge on top of it. Then, without doubts, like any other models in the list, the City is also a crowd-puller in the pre-owned vehicles space. For any people looking for advice on which second-hand Honda City models is likely to treat them well, here’re some good suggestions for them.

Honda City Used Cars For Sale In Chennai
 Models  Production Year  Kms Driven  Price
 Honda City V MT  2012  66,000  Rs 5.5 Lakh
 Honda City 1.5 S MT  2010  95,000  Rs 3.65 Lakh
 Honda City VX CVT  2015  75,000  Rs 6.85 Lakh
 Honda City 1.5 S AT  2013  65,000  Rs 5.25 Lakh
 Honda City V MT  2015  78,587  Rs 7.7 Lakh
 Honda City V AT Exclusive  2011  45,000  Rs 4.89 Lakh
 Honda City MT  2016  38,000  Rs 7.9 Lakh

>>> Here are the best second-hand Honda City for sale in Chennai

8. Maruti Vitara Brezza

Sedans and hatchbacks apart, let’s set your sight into a major player in the subcompact SUVs segment, Maruti Vitara Brezza. First launched in India back in 2016, the Brezza has been a huge game challenger for Maruti Suzuki right from the very word go. In the second-hand products playground, the Maruti Vitara Brezza is a major player, too. The reasons are countless to pick up, from its handsome and never outdated look to the peppy diesel engine, large cabin and the pocket-friendly price tags, owing a used Vitara Brezza gives us a lot of advantages, even more than buying a new vehicle from other brands.

maruti vitara brezza yellow front angle

If you are seeking a high-quality second-hand ride to park in your garage, the following models would be an ideal place to start with.

Best Used Maruti Vitara Brezza For Sale In Mumbai
Models Production Year  Kms Driven   Price
 Brezza ZDI Plus AMT  2018  18,000  Rs 10.4 Lakh
 Brezza ZDI MT  2016  49,893  Rs 8.85 Lakh
 Brezza LDI  2016  28,000  Rs 7.25 Lakh
 Brezza ZDI Plus Dual Tone  2017  6,580  Rs 10.5 Lakh
 Brezza VDI  2016  50,050  Rs 8.1 Lakh
 Brezza ZDI  2017  19,500  Rs 9.65 Lakh
 Brezza ZDI  2017  25,000  Rs 9.0 Lakh

>>> Above are some pre-owned Maruti Vitara Brezza for sale in Mumbai. Check it out!

9. Toyota Fortuner

2016 toyota fortuner side angle

If the Maruti Vitara Brezza looks like a perfect compact SUV for the city commutes, the Toyota Fortuner comes to ease your requirements and needs of a massive body and premium car with more off-road focused capabilities. The Fortuner has always a volume spinner in the premium SUV market for such a long time and things go for the same in the pre-owned SUV market. Its macho design and great comfort, potent powertrains and a long feature list are to name some that make its popularity.

Second-hand Toyota Fortuner For Sale In New Delhi
 Models  Production Year  Kms Driven  Price
 Toyota Fortuner 4x2 AT  2014  80000  Rs 15.9 Lakh
 Toyota Fortuner 3.0 MT Diesel  2011  85000  Rs 10.5 Lakh
 Toyota Fortuner 3.0 Diesel MT  2013  68,000  Rs 14 Lakh
 Toyota Fortuner 4x4 MT  2012  74000  Rs 13.5 Lakh
 Toyota Fortuner 4x2 AT TRD Sportivo  2015   96,980  Rs 18.26 Lakh
 Toyota Fortuner 4x2 MT  2013  71,000  Rs 15.65 Lakh
 Toyota Fortuner 4x2 AT  2012  73,000  Rs 13.5 Lakh

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10. Toyota Innova Crysta

Undeniably, the Innova Crysta has always been a roaring success for Toyota. Over the years of its presence, the Toyota Innova Crysta remains the undisputed leader of the hill in the MPV segment, irrespective of the expensive price stickers it carries. In fact, there’re many popular compact crossovers and SUVs priced half of the Innova Crysta’s price bracket, but still, the MPV manages to sell in good numbers each month.

2016 toyota innova crysta 2.8z front three quarters

The Innova Crysta is obviously an expensive product. However, it still scores highly with a list of USPs, especially the desirable great resale value. That explains why the Innova Crysta never stops hotting up in both new and pre-owned models space.

Toyota Innova Crysta Used Cars For Sale In New Delhi
 Models  Production Year Kms Driven  Price 
 Innova Crysta MT  2016  60000  Rs 15.9 Lakh
 Innova Crysta 2.4 VX MT  2017  19,000  Rs 16.5 Lakh
 Innova Crysta 2.4 ZX MT  2016  47,000  Rs 15.9 Lakh
 Innova Crysta 2.4 VX MT  2017  19678  Rs 16.25 Lakh
 Innova Crysta AT  2016  42 000  Rs 19.6 Lakh
 Innova Crysta 2.4 VX MT  2017  28,000  Rs 16.25 Lakh
 Innova Crysta 2.8 GX CRDi AT  2017  50963  Rs 16.25 Lakh

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