Biggest mistakes new buyers make while buying a car

by IndianAuto Team | 14/02/2019
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When it comes to buying a car of our own choice, most people don’t have clear idea what are the things to be considered. The whole buying process may bring us to some extent tiresome.

We have observed and given below the list of some small and important factors that are to be reflected while buying a new car and by following this, buying and maintaining your brand new car will be a cool breeze.

1. Pre-Delivery Inspection

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Buyers often ignore the pre-delivery inspection when buying a new car

Pre-Delivery Inspection or most commonly known as PDI is the final inspection of the car done by the service professionals before the delivery. Some dealers skip the checkup and hand over your car without the PDI certificate. Most people are not aware of this procedure so remember to ensure that the PDI certificate is provided before taking your brand new car delivered to your garage.

2. Dealer Discounts

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It is much better to check out different dealers for the discount benefits

This one is one of oldest known followed-up methods which are not in a run today. While planning to purchase a car of your own choice, buyers should have to visit multiple outlets of the same brand to get to know which dealer gives you the best price for your car. That said, a smart purchase always involves price comparing and the best possible deals.

3. Resale Value

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Many people do not consider the resale value aspect when getting a new car to their garage

Resale Value is one of the most crucial tricks if you are not going to use the same vehicle for more than 4 or 5 years. In that case, considering the brand, what car you’ve chosen to buy, the colours of the car are mandatory. However, if you are a caraholic and keeping your model with you for more than 8 years, it is not of much importance and once can skip this factor.

4. Best time to buy

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It is advisable to wait for the most suitable time to buy a car

One of the simple and easiest ways not to turn your pocket deep while buying a car is getting to know when is the best time to buy. Dealers will provide offers and big discounts on several certain periods of time throughout the year. Festive season and Year-end are the most favourable stage for attractive discounts and more offers. More than these, keep in mind that a good bargain will give out more special deals.

5. Service 

car service,autoshop

The good aftersale service is certainly an indispensable trick to buy a car

Aftersales Service is the most important of all factors to be considered before buying a car. Because keeping your car regularly checked and serviced at regular intervals will give you longer life and most of the problems will be avoided at the beginning stage itself. Hence, before adopting a car from the dealer, make sure they’re also running the authorized service centre and that is located in your geographical reach.

6. Fuel Selection

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People sometimes do not know the difference between petrol and diesel-powered vehicles

Fuel selection plays a vital role in everyone’s life when purchasing a car. Most of the people are in confusion that which one to choose either a petrol car or the diesel ones. The main thing is, diesel cars are more fuel efficient and useful for who those travel in long and continuous trips. Meanwhile, petrol cars are useful for short rides wherever power and performance matters. Yet, it doesn’t mean that the fuel efficiency of petrol variants are much poorer. They almost provide identical mileage but at the end of the day, the purpose of the car that we’re about to buy is also to be noticed.

7. Test Drive

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Immature car checkers often skip the test drive

It doesn’t matter which brand you’re going into or which car you’re choosing, taking a test drive is a must-to-be followed guideline that should never be skipped at any circumstances. Taking a test drive and driving on our own is like having a real-time experience on roads no matter whatever the specification of a car is shown on paper. Also, taking the car through unpaved roads and some rough patches to know the real world usage of the car.

8. Dealer Add-Ons

red car

Don't fool yourselves blindfolded by dealer scams 

Once all the factors mentioned above are getting cleared, the things that have to be focused is on dealer scams. For instance, the sales executive brainstorms the customers to do Teflon coating, anti-corrosion finish etc. Most vehicles come with the anti-corrosion finish when they are manufactured. Teflon coating or other similar paint protection coatings can be done at a more affordable price from other reputed car care garages. Some of the accessories are considered but before purchasing, choose them wisely as they have a wide range of both aesthetic and mechanical products.

9. Handling Charges

handling chargers warning logo

Do not forget the handling chargers when choosing a brand new vehicle

Many people don’t have a brief idea of what the dealerships include in their bills. One of them is handling charges, which they hesitate sometimes to give an explanation about. If you find such one, firmly ask them to explain and remove the charges. In fact, insisting customers pay the handling charges have been deemed illegal by the law and the dealership can be fined. If your dealership is compelling you to pay, talk/mail to the customer care department of the respective brand.

10. Insurance Policy

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Choose your own insurance policy and don't rely on dealership's choice

Last but not least, keep in mind before taking the insurance policy for your vehicle and don’t solely rely on the dealerships. Most of all, every insurance policies will come with theft protection but all of the insurance companies won’t provide flood protection in it. It’s better to have flood protection for your car if you’re living in a water logging prone area. Visit websites like and etc to get more deals on insurance policies and save your hard-earned money.

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