Bill Gates Car Collection: Most Sensational Cars of the World’s Richest

by Harish Kumar | 13/07/2020
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If you don’t know what drives the world’s top-tech mogul, brings to you details of the most sensational cars from Bill Gates car collection.

To name someone whose cars will hold many decent car collectors in Dubai or UAE in awe, Bill Gates certainly tops off the list. Gates, who has been known for years as one of the richest figures in the world till today’s date, is undoubtedly an avid luxury car nut. What the richest drives should be the greatest, to say the least. Gates owns some of the most expensive cars in the world that would go beyond someone’s wildest dreams. If you don’t know what drives the world’s top-tech moguls, brings you the most sensational cars from Bill Gates car collection.

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1. Porsche 911

Gates is a big Porsche lover. In an interview with Ellen Degeneres, the magnate revealed that his second biggest splurge after founding Microsoft was buying a Porsche 911. He did make his dream come true and. The 1979 Porsche 911 was the first Porsche car in his garage, which was later found up for bid for the price of $ 80,000.

bill gates car collection - porsche 911

Though the 911 was longer with Gates anymore, it is one of the greatest drives in his compilation of exotic vehicles. Sources say that Bill Gates had an obsession with high-speed excursions on his Porsche in the desert roads and his wife, Allen, even had to bail him out of the jail after the man was getting three driving tickets for exceeding the speed limit.


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2. Porsche 959 Sports Car

When it comes to the most impressive Porsche cars in Bill Gates car collection, the Porsche 959 was the one and the only. In fact, Porsche 959 coupe was, without exaggeration, the most technologically-advanced car to come out of the German marque’s doors in the 80s. For this charisma, it was no surprise that the world’s second-richest can possess one.

bill gates car collection porsche 959

The Porsche 959 was developed with the massively powerful twin-turbo flat-six engine that can churn out 444 HP of max power and 500 Nm of peak torque, propelling it from 0 – 100 kmph in around 4 seconds before hitting the top speed of 320 kmph – the incredible figures during the 1985s. Interestingly, the supercar was banned from getting imported to the US at that time due to its failure to meet the emission standards. However, for a long-time Porsche fan like Gates, it doesn’t matter that he fought to import this car to the US after a decade-long battle that even led to a new law being passed in eventually.


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3. Porsche 930 Turbo

Known as the turbocharged version of the Porsche 911, the 930 Turbo comes to prove Gates’s deep love for Porsche cars. Bill Gates called his 930 Turbo the “Rocket” that describes how fast it is in real life.

Like the 911, the Porsche 930 Turbo stayed with Bill Gates for a period before he sold it in the 1990s. The new owner of the car had fully restored and auctioned it in 2012.

4. Porsche Taycan

The first electric car in the car collection of Bill Gates is, not a Tesla but a Porsche Taycan. Considering the long story between Gates and Porsche, it makes sense. In a recent interview, Gates said that Tesla cars were fun but he was not fond of buying it and apparently, Elon Musk wouldn’t like this.

As for the vehicle, Porsche Taycan is the brand’s first-ever fully-electric car that is available with two variants – a Turbo and Turbo S, both of which share a 93.4 kWh lithium-ion battery under the bonnet. While the Turbo is a range-oriented variant that can do 381 – 450 km range on a single charge, the Turbo S is a sportier version but offers less range when it comes to the performance. It’s believed that the Gates has spent around $ 185,000 for the EV.

5. Ford Focus

It’s interesting to see the Ford Focus being listed here among these aforementioned luxury drives in the list of Bill Gates cars. It was also a big surprise for us that the Billionaire owned a Ford Focus produced back in 2008. In fact, Bill Gates liked to drive in this Focus to his office during the last days he worked at Microsoft.

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