BMW 3-Series 320d Competes With The KTM 390 Duke - Guess The Winner!

by Mohammed Burman | 28/06/2019
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Recently, an old BMW 3-Series 320d and the KTM 390 Duke were raced against each other. Read on to find out the outcome of this race

Being a pocket rocket, the KTM Duke 390 is the fastest bike in the segment and can even outrun the mass-produced cars. However, one may wonder whether it can defeat the luxury cars. The video below shows a race between the KTM Duke 390 and the BMW 3-Series 320d, an entry model produced by the Bavarian brand. Let’s watch the video to discover the result of the race.

The BMW 320d and the 390 Duke have recently participated in a speed race.

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The video above shows a race between the two vehicles on an empty road. As per the video, The BMW 3-Series comes with numerous M3 badges but it is actually a 320d. Its styling experiences some minor modifications but the engine has been kept intact.

Throughout the competition, the KTM 390 Duke can be seen outrun the 320d all the time. At the end of the competition, the bike even crossed the finishing line much more quickly and comfortably than the car. Noteworthily, the bike pulled a wheelie in between the vehicle, which considerably impacts the acceleration; nevertheless, the vehicle still easily won the race. Despite the lack of a camera positioned at the finishing line, the victory of the bike with 2 seconds ahead is clearly shown by the video.

ktm 390 duke vs bmw 3-series 320d

Throughout the race, the bike always outran the car.

The BMW 320d keeps under its hood a 2.0-litre diesel motor which is good for 184 BHP against 380 Nm. In the meanwhile, the KTM 390 Duke is powered by a 373.2cc liquid-cooled one-cyl motor which can deliver 43 BHP against 37 Nm, which is only a fraction of the power output of its competitor. Nevertheless, it is the weight that matters here. The BMW 320d has a massive weight of up to 1,490 kg, which translates into a power-to-weight ratio of 123 BHP per ton. On the other hand, the KTM 390 Duke weighs only 166.6 kg, which means that its power-to-weight ratio is 271 BHP per ton. This gives the small bike a clear advantage over its competitor as regards acceleration.

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Actually, the BMW 320d has a far greater speed than the KTM 390 Duke and can maintain the high speed at a much more stable basis than its rival. While the maximum speed of the 320d is 235 kmph, that of the KTM 390 Duke is only 167 kmph. In a longer distance, the car will certainly defeat the bike but in the shorter one, the winner is always the bike owing to the faster acceleration. Specifically, the 320d can speed up from a standstill to 100 kmph in 7.2 seconds; the Duke manages to do the same in 5.6 seconds.

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