Burglars Steal Maruti Swift From OLX Retailer, Nabbed By Kerala Police

by Jatin Chhibber | 06/08/2019
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Stolen Maruti Swift gets recovered from thieves when they were trying to resell the car to the police officials who were posing as buyers.

Recently, Bengaluru police caught a thief who introduces himself as a buyer and meets vehicle sellers via OLX, later lifting the motorcycle itself. This time around, however, the police officials posted an advertisement on OLX to entice the burglar to grab that deal, which directed him to get nabbed by the cops. A similar case has now happened in Mukkam in Kerala, where two car thieves got caught by the police for stealing a Maruti Swift. The robbers stole the car by giving an excuse of taking an inspection drive. The report suggests that the stolen Maruti Swift was confiscated on Wednesday at 11 am in Neeleshwaram near Mukkam. The owner of this Maruti Swift posted an ad regarding the sale of his car on OLX. Afterwards, the thief showed interest in buying his car from the owner. Both the parties agreed to meet on July 23 at Pandikkad. The burglar scrutinized the car properly and told the owner that he liked the car but wants to take a test drive before settling the deal. However, the thief managed to escape with the car during test drive and then the owner filed a complaint at the nearest local police station for assistance.

Front side shot of the car

Two car thieves got caught by the police for stealing a Maruti Swift, the robbers stole the car by giving an excuse of taking an inspection drive.

On the other hand, the thief replaced the number plates and disconnected the GPS of the car to prevent the possibility of getting caught by the police. The police started tracking down the vehicle, but due to clever moves made by the burglar, it got quite difficult to recover the stolen car. Then, the thief tried to sell the stolen Maruti Swift to a new buyer. The new buyer examined the car properly and found out something doubtful regarding the original registration certificate of the car. The prospective buyer then tried to connect with the phone number given on the document, which turned out to be fake. This incident brought the robbery to light. As soon as the new buyer came to understand the whole incident of burglary, he stepped back. The real owner of the car contacted the police and explained to them the whole newfound information. Afterwards, the police officials contacted the thief and showed their interest in buying the car and fixed a meeting. The car was brought to the meeting spot by two men who were immediately nabbed by the police officials.

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