Chinese BYD Song Seen Charging Tesla Model S

by Harish Kumar | 28/04/2020
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A Tesla Model S with fully-exhausted battery pack receives power from a BYD Song PHEV so that the former could reach out to the nearest charging stations.

EV users have the fear of running out of batteries once in a while, which is also the biggest constraint for electric vehicles to reach out to the auto enthusiasts. However, there’s an incident in China showing that the fear of fully-drained batteries would be reduced significantly once there are enough electric vehicles running around.

Chinese BYD Song Charges Tesla Model S

A Tesla Model S which had completely exhausted its batteries in China was seen getting power charged from a BYD Song PRO DM – a Chinese-spec petrol-electric hybrid vehicle. The Tesla Model S used by a Chinese lady in beautiful traditional qipao ran out of battery and had to pull over for a while. A BYD Song with dealership plates which was passing by stopped to offer a favour. After being charged by the BYD Song for a couple of hours, the Tesla Model got enough juice to rush to the nearest charging station.


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It is worth noting that vehicle-to-vehicle power transference is done only at a slow rate of 2 KW. Therefore, the two cars had to be connected to each other for about two hours for the Tesla to draw enough power to make it to the nearest charging station.

For the uninitiated, the BYD Song Pro DM is a plugin-hybrid electric vehicle that features a 1.5-litre turbo-petrol engine combined with an electric motor. The powertrain pumps out a combined output of 319 horsepower and a whopping 525 Nm of peak torque. The Song is capable of doing a range of 81 km for the electric-only mode. The BYD Song also offers an electric-only variant which generates a maximum power of 184 HP.

Chinese BYD Song Charges Tesla Model S


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Whereas, the Tesla Model S is a fully-electric five-door sedan produced by the world-renowned EV manufacturer.  The Tesla Model S employs a single electric motor at its heart. It is available in two variants including the Long Range and Performance. While India has provided more benefits for EV manufacturers and EV users to promote the early adoption of electric cars, it remains unclear whether Tesla would make it to India or not.

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