Finally, No More of Such UTTERLY RIDICULOUS TikTok Car Videos

by Mohit Bhardwaj | 30/06/2020
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The Indian government has finally put a ban on TikTok. With this move, we might observe a drastic drop in dangerous stunt videos. Read here for our take on this.

Use of mobile phones while driving a car is prohibited in almost every country across the globe. However, few do not adhere to the law and use their hand-held devices while they are cruising on the city streets or even on the highways. Things get even worse when some of them record videos of themselves while driving and share the clips on the video-sharing platform – TikTok. However, after several controversies, the Indian government has finally banned the use of this video sharing platform in India. While the safety of road users was not the prime objective behind this action from governance, it is definitely a move that should reduce the shenanigans of many car users.

No More of Such UTTERLY RIDICULOUS TikTok Car Videos

We say this as many Tiktok users were often seen uploading videos of them performing dangerous stunts involving their cars. And the not-so-legal modifications used to be another aspect that was commonly highlighted by these TikTok users. For example, the YouTube video seen below is basically a copy of a TikTok clip that shows illegally modified Jeep and Mahindra Thar. In the clips, youths can be seen sitting on the bonnet of the moving vehicle while the driver's seat stays unoccupied by anyone. Also, the Jeeps used in the video are barely legal as they do not adhere to the safety compliance regulations. They lack proper 3-point seatbelts, roll cage, deformable front bumper, and a lot more equipment.

In the other video, there’s a compilation of various stunts performed by a Toyota Fortuner. Even in these clips, young guys can be seen drifting the SUV or jumping it from a ramp or even driving it at really high speeds that are way above the speed limit. In many cases, these TikTok-ers are generally underage and do not even possess a valid riding license. Moreover, it is needless to say that performing stunts on public roads is not safe. However, it isn’t always the case with every TikTok video, but with most, it is, and un-trained kids get lured by these videos and then perform such hooliganism themselves.



Two Young Men Fined For Car Stunts On Public Roads

We, at IndianAuto, is a batch of enthusiastic souls, and we do love watching people enjoy their prized possessions. That said, the 'enjoyment' should come at the cost of risking the safety of yourself and of other road users. Therefore, we suggest that in case someone wishes to enjoy the capabilities of his/her vehicle, closed racing circuits, off-road tracks, et al have their doors open. Also, recording a video while driving a car is something that will surely reduce your alertness and this might become a cause of an accident. 

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