Darshan Car Collection Includes Two Stunning Lamborghini Models

by Mohammed Burman | 13/02/2020
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Read the following article to get to know about the the two highly exotic Lamborghini models in Darshan Car collection.

Two years ago, a white Lamborghini Aventador Roadster was delivered to Darshan's garage. Right after the delivery, he drove to Chanmudi Hills in this car along with his friends in order to have it blessed by a temple priest on Sankranti day. On this day, all people in the state happily celebrated the harvest festival. Darshan car collection includes many supercars such as BMW cars, Jaguar cars, Audi A7, Land Rover Range Rover and Toyota Fortuner, etc. However, the highlights of the Darshan car collection are his two Lamborghini cars . 

darshan lamborghini white side profile

A white Lamborghini was added to Darshan two years ago

Bought two years ago, Darshan had sold his Hummer to make space for the Lamborghini supercar in the garage.  Lamborghini models are owned by only a few people in Bangalore; Darshan was the first star in Lamborghini to possess a car by this Italian automaker. One year later, he bought a yellow Lamborghini Urus, which is described by the company as a Super Sport Utility Vehicle. The Urus comes with contrasting black alloy wheels, which makes the car much more appealing. The Urus is priced at Rs 3.0 crore (ex-showroom price, Delhi) but its on-road price amounts to over Rs 3.5 crore. Many owners also adopt the interior customization provided by the company to the sports car, which further increases its price.

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The Lamborghini Urus is a sporty, comfortable and fast car with a wide range of top-notch features such as a custom Bang & Olufsen 3D surround sound system, a 360-degree surround-view camera, and the ANIMA drive modes (Ego, Neve, Terra and Sabbia which are fully customisable, Neve, Terra and Sabia, respectively). These driving modes allow the Urus to overcome almost any terrains without any difficulties and even to be taken off the road. The Urus receives its power from a 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 motor which can deliver a maximum power of 641 BHP against 850 Nm and is paired with an 8-speed torque converter. 

darshan lamborghini urus yellow front angle

Darshan purchased a Lamborghini Urus last year.

The engine of ths SSUV in Darshan Car Collection propels it to reach a maximum speed of 305 kmph, making it the second-fastest car in the world, only after the Bentley Bentayga Speed. The car can accelerate from a standstill to 100 kmph and 200 kmph in only 3.6 seconds and 12.8 seconds, respectively. The Urus has recorded great success all over the world, which shows how SUVs are becoming more and more popular recently. 

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