DC Modified Toyota Fortuner Offers the Utmost Luxury

by Harish Kumar | 27/07/2020
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This modified Toyota Fortuner by DC2 has been transformed into an utterly luxurious condo on the wheels. Click to see details on modified Toyota Fortuner.

Dilip Chhabria is probably one of the most famous automobile designers of India and his company DC Design (resurrected as DC2) is one of the biggest names when it comes to car modifications in India. In fact, the name of Dilip Chhabria and his cars has been spreading over the automotive circuits, citing the tastefully modified cars that are worth a big round of applause, certainly. Modifying a car is not an easy job and especially with a legend like Toyota Fortuner. DC2 (DC Design) took over all these difficulties. This Toyota Fortuner modified by DC should be the most luxurious example on earth. Let’s check it out!

modified fortuner front three quarters

The Toyota Fortuner is already a good-looking car with great street presence. Presumably, that’s why DC designer keeps the exterior of the Fortuner untouched. Having said, no changes are made to the outside appearance of the SUV and the highlights here are from the inside of the vehicle.


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The cabin of the modified Fortuner has received a thorough makeover so it’s now a vast departure from the stock one. We can’t call the Fortuner a 7 seater SUV now as the rear seats have been completely removed from the vehicle. The new electrically-adjustable lounge seats have been installed in the SUV and there are only two seats now. The rear passengers can enjoy the entertainment on the go with dual 10-inch screens by DC mounted on the back of the front seats. There’s also an optional iPad at the rear.

To make it an utmost comfortable lounge on the wheels, the DC has given the modified Fortuner car a range of features and most of which can be controlled by a touch-enabled remote. Therefore, rear passengers can enjoy the convenience of remotely controlling the ambient light, cabin’s brightness, seat-reclining angle and more. It is worth a note that the rear seats here get diamond-stitched leather upholstery and come with reclining function hence the occupants can use remote control to fine-tune the adjustment as per their requirement.

modified toyota fortuner cabin layout

Furthermore, the DC modified Fortuner also receives an electrically-powered folding table that can be used as a workstation or an eating tray. By one touch at a button, the table can be completely folded down, returning the maximum cabin space. There are also lightings on the ceiling of the modified Fortuner that ensures soft lighting on the inside of the car.


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modified toyota fortuner cabin rear seats

Besides, a small chiller is also equipped inside so that the rear passengers can enjoy the cold drinks during the long journeys. The cost of this mod job on the Toyota Fortuner is not revealed. Depending on the level of customization, we expect it to cost around several lakhs.


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As for the regular vehicle, the 2020 Toyota Fortuner has just been launched in Thailand recently. The all-new SUV has come with a comprehensive update for the inside and outside as well as a makeover under the bonnet. It remains to see if the new Fortuner can make it to the Indian land.

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