Delhi Traffic Police To Withdraw Challans Worth INR 1.5 Lakh

by Mohammed Burman | 16/10/2019
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Delhi traffic police department has decided to withdraw challans of INR 1.5 lakh for speeding because these challans were wrongly issued.

With the e-surveillance taking effect, it is much easier for traffic police in many UTs and states of India to implement their tasks. Now, they can just review CCTV footage and issue online challans to the violator rather than stop them on the road; thereby avoiding unnecessary arguments. Nevertheless, there can be serious errors in the process in which the e-challan issues challans, which can result in many wrong challans. The Delhi police have decided to withdraw challans of INR 1.5 lakh for speeding. The reason is that they were wrongly issued. 

e challan india

The e-challan systtem coming into effect in India has made the life of traffic police much easier but has also caused many serious errors.

The Delhi Police have informed of the withdrawal of the INR 1.5 lakh fines for speeding which were issued to the motorists who crossed the 60 kmph speed limit on the National Highway 24 from August to October 10. The PWD had established the 70 kmph speed limit signboards on the NH24 while the online challans issued by the Delhi traffic police were for the 60 kmph speed limit crossing. The exact location is between Nizamuddin bridge and the Ghazipur flyover, which is the recently-launched expressway between Delhi and Meerut.

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Upon receiving many complaints about the wrong challans,the Delhi traffic police have made a decision to take back the fines. It remains unknown what would happen to the withdrawn money since many people have paid the police after receiving the challans. The Delhi police asked the GDP to change the faulty signboards, but they refused to do so. Delhi cops have now increased the speed limit from 60 kmph to 70 kmph. All the drivers who exceed the speed limit of 70 kmph would receive a challan.

delhi police and violators fined

What will occur to the withdrawn money remains unknown.

However, Delhi cops have not made any official announcement of this withdrawal. This information was revealed by a Joint-Commissioner level police officer.

Many challans have also been wrongly issued for different reasons. Some car drivers are even fined for not wearing a helmet. Nevertheless, these wrong challans are due to human clerical errors instead of the system. E-surveillance should be adopted as a traffic monitoring way which can help reduce manual work to a considerable extent, especially on crowded city roads. After the new challan rates 2019 under the amended Motor Vehicle Act came into effect, the fines have increased by up to 20 times; therefore, the violators can face extremely heavy challans for committing a traffic offence. Therefore, errors like the above mentioned should be eradicated as much as possible so that the right challans can be issued to the right violators and fairness can be ensured among all traffic participants.

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