Exotic Cars Collection Of Jackie Shroff and Tiger Shroff

by Harish Kumar | 18/09/2019
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Take a quick tour at Jackie Shroff and Tiger Shroff and their opulent cars collection.

Jackie Shroff and his son, Tiger Shroff are undeniably the familiar names to the Indian audiences. To tell the truth, Jackie Shroff is quite a veteran of the seventh-art industry and is a big four-wheeler addict, too. His son, Tiger Shroff has already started his filming career and managed to garner quite a big band of fan-followers across the country. Just like his father, Tiger Shroff is a gearhead as well. When talking about the Shroff family, it is not only their intense tradition of performing arts but also their tasteful choice of impressive vehicles. From the BMW M5 to Bentley Continental GT, let’s take a look at the exotic car collections of Tiger Shroff and Jackie Shroff.


bmw m5 jackie shroff car

To say a mouthful, the BMW M5 is essentially a terrific sports car disguised in the form of a luxury saloon in truth. The enthusiast-focused fantastic sedan is one of Jackie Shroff’s favourite cars as he is seen chauffeured in this vehicle quite regularly.


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The all-black BMW M5 owned by Shroff is the last generation F10 that is powered by a 4.4-litre V8 engine good for 553 BHP of max power and 678 Nm of peak torque. This power and torque output enable the car to hit the electronically-limited peak speed of 249 kmph and accelerate to 100 kmpl from a standstill in only 4.4 seconds.

Toyota Innova

car of jackie shroff toyota innova mpv

The Toyota Innova has witnessed a resounding success in the Indian auto space. Being a highly popular practical MPV, it comes as no surprise that the famous Bollywood star has an Innova parked in his garage. Jackie is also spotted driving around in this vehicle quite a few times. When compared to the aforementioned BMW M5, the Toyota Innova might look humble. Nonetheless, it trumps the earlier with the irresistible practicality, reliability, convenience and comfort. That’s why the MPV has been a part of Jackie Shroff cars garage for a long time now.

Toyota Fortuner

toyota fortuner front view

Like the Toyota Innova, the badass performance-oriented Fortuner SUV also finds a space in the actor’s garage. Needless to introduce, the Toyota Fortuner has been known as a butch-looking hardcore SUV that makes it a best seller in the segment. So no wonder, it becomes one of the most preferred ones to the important events in the B-Town. In the Indian market, the Fortuner has been a great success story of Toyota from day one and that’s all down to such ingredients – handsome imposing look, rugged stance, comfortable seating, powerful diesel engine option and most importantly, Toyota brand’s awareness.


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Jaguar SS100

jaguar ss100 white colour front angle

When talking about Jackie Shroff cars, it would be a mistake to ignore the legendary and rather lovely Jaguar SS100. The iconic vintage car has been showcased at multiple auto shows and rallies across India and Jackie is a proud owner of the admirable four-wheeler. Be it a luxury convertible, the SS 100 gets the power from a 3.5-litre engine that belts out a decent 125 BHP. Jackie must have been in a good mood that day as he gifted the true vintage car to his wife.

Bentley Continental GT

jackie shroff bentley continental gt

If someone asks me which one in the Shroff family’s car collection looks the most majestic, it’s the Bentley Continental GT to be named. The luxury drive is, again, possessed by Jackie Shroff but he is not so often seen roaming around in it.


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In fact, the Bentley Continental GT is quite an exclusive Grand Touring car that is not a common sight on the Indian roads. It is available with two brilliant powertrain options, including a 4.0-litre V8 engine that cranks out a colossal power of 500 BHP and 600 Nm and a higher-powered version pumping up to 512 BHP and 680 Nm, completely good enough to make it a tarmac-tearing ultra-cool vehicle. Bentley also offers the Continental GT with a 6.0-litre gasoline burner which can put out two different states of tune – 567 BHP/ 700 Nm and 626 BHP/ 820 Nm, depending on the variants.

BMW 5-Series

tiger shroff with bmw 5 series white colour front view

The Shroff family is a huge fan of BMW cars for sure, as apart from the BMW M5, the BMW 5-Series also makes its presence in their exotic cars list. This white-coloured BMW 5-Series is owned by Tiger Shroff, who has also gained fame in the industry very quickly thanks to some famous action movies and quick moves on the dance floor. The variant of the car remains unknown. Tiger is spotted being chauffeured in the white luxury sedan for quite some time and most of the time he is caught sitting in the front seat. Interestingly enough, Tiger in an interview has revealed that he is not allowed to ride or drive after the strict instructions of his father, Jackie Shroff.


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Honda Civic

disha driving honda civic

Disha Patani might not be an official member of the Shroff family but her close ties with Tiger Shroff is beyond any doubt. Disha also owns several humble cars in which she is spotted with Tiger often. One of the cars here is the older-gen Honda Civic which has been discontinued in the domestic market. However, the model likes this Civic very much since she has been spotted with the car multiple times. The higher-end luxury generation of the Civic has already arrived in India, but it is yet to know if Disha would go for an upgrade or not.


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Chevrolet Cruze

chevrolet cruze disha tiger shroff

The now-defunct Chevrolet Cruze was once among the best cars in the D-segment competition during its heyday. This silver-coloured Chevrolet Cruze is another model owned by the young model/actress. The Cruze has now been phased out from the production line in India. Disha is occasionally seen with the Cruze when she is chauffeured to the events.

In short, the car collections of Tiger Shroff and Jackie Shroff includes BMW M5, Toyota Innova, Jaguar SS 100, Bentley Continental GT, BMW 5-Series. To update more Celebrity car collection, please stay tuned on Indianauto.

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