Top 5 Luxury Electric Cars That Will Probably Make You Go Bankrupt

by IndianAuto Team | 12/07/2019
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Electric cars are usually more expensive than gas-powered cars, but some of them are simply out of this world expensive. Read this article to find out how pricey electric cars can be.

When electric cars were invented in the 19th century, they were actually the most popular kind of cars on the market. Only after people were able to mass produce gasoline at a low price and with ease did gasoline cars become the mainstream. And now, because of the environment, electric cars are trending yet again. Even though electric cars are regaining their former popularity, their position is nowhere near gas-powered cars’ at the moment. In fact, one of the main reasons why people are slow to buy and use electric vehicles is because of their relatively hefty price tag. Yes, they are freaking expensive. And if you want to take a look at the crazily expensive electric cars as an inspiration or just to feel bad about yourself, this article is just what you need.

1. Mercedes-Benz S550E

Mercedes-Benz S Class is one of the most well-known and recognizable luxury cars in the world, and for a long time, BMW and Audi wished they could be at the level of Mercedes-Benz S Class. A creation of Mercedes-Benz with an S in the name like the S550E requires no debate over its quality and overall bougieness.

Mercedes-Benz S550E is actually a plug-in hybrid luxury sedan, which means it is not totally electric. But well, its electric motor is fantastic and the electric-only mode can reach up to 87 mph (140 km/h) so putting the S550E in an electric car list is not unreasonable.

Though the car is hella expensive luxury that has a price tag of USD 96,600 (approximately 66 lakh), Mercedes-Benz S550E has a design that is not very desirable. The trunk is questionably short while the front is long, sleek, and typical of the S Class, so the profile of the S550E is super awkward and disproportionate. Performance wise, the S550E has a 3.0 L 436 HP V 6 engine mated to a 7 speed automatic transmission, which makes it a quite powerful vehicle.

When people spend that much money on a luxury car, they expect to have the whole experience from the look to the performance. Thus Mercedes-Benz S550E may not be the most recommendable option if you want to purchase a luxury electric vehicle. However, in case you are a Mercedes-Benz fan or you want to have this car as a part of your electric vehicle collection, by all means buy it. At the end of the day, your money your rule.

 Mercedes-Benz S550E

Mercedes-Benz S550E may perform well but it is not a very pretty car

2. BMW i8

BMW i8 has butterfly doors, and no matter who you are, whether you are a car fanatic or not, butterfly doors scream nothing but FANCY CARS!!!

BMW i8 is a plug-in hybrid sports car, and it has a B38A15T0 1.5L turbocharged I3 engine with about 23 miles (37 km) of all-electric range. That is not the best number for an electric car, let alone a sports car, but the rich people who can afford this car and want to buy it may not need it for speed but more for the look appeal.

Speaking of look, BMW i8 is a beauty! Who do not agree with us -- what is wrong with your eyes man? The design is so minimalistic and futuristic yet so flamboyant. Once you know how it looks, you will immediately recognize the 98 if you see it on the street.

The BMW i8 coupe costs USD 150,000 (approximately 1.03 crore) and the roadster has a slightly higher price tag of USD 165,000 (approximately 1.13 crore). The price of BMW i8 is heftier than that of Mercedes-Benz S550e, while the engine is somewhat weaker. But when you have enough money to purchase the i8, you are more likely to buy it for the look factor.

BMW i8

In contrast to the Mercedes-Benz S550e, how the BMW i8 looks is better than how it performs

3. Porsche Mission E

Porsche Mission E is the first all-electric car in this list and also the first all-electric car from Porsche. The car has two electric motors, each driving one axle. The 2 AC synchronous electric motors allow the Mission E to accelerate to 60 mph (100 km/h) in under 3.5 seconds. The range of Mission E is more than 310 mph (500 km), which, in comparison with the BMW i8 above, is freaking impressive! In fact, that range is even better than that of a top Tesla.

The outside of Porsche Mission E is the very definition of a sleek futuristic electric car. It looks like it goes straight out of a car exhibition onto the street. The body is crystal glossy white with hardly any line at all. The flat hood is so typical of a Porsche car, but in the Mission E, the hood is extra flat and road hugging, which makes the car look extra great and we are definitely not complaining.

The price of Porsche Mission E is in the USD 75,000 - 80,000 range (approximately 52 - 55 lakh), significantly lower than that of the two cars mentioned above.

Porsche Mission E

A great engine, a beautiful design, and a good price tag - Porsche Mission E is an all-rounded electric car

4. Tesla Model X

Tesla is considered by many to be a pioneer in electric cars. Its Model S is even compared to Ford Model T, which was the car that not only changed the automobile industry but revolutionized the world in general.

Tesla Model X is the only electric car that has three rows of seating on the market at the moment. Like the Porsche Mission E, the Model X is able to accelerate to 60 mph (100 km/h) from a standstill in under 3.5 seconds.

Design wise, Tesla Model X is quite disappointing. Even though Model X is an SUV, Tesla kind of copied everything from other Tesla cars and put it on Model X. That leads to the front of the Model X being big, quite blank, and awkward.

Tesla Model X starts at USD 88,000 (approximately 60 lakh), which is the highest starting price of all midsize SUV.

 Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X is expensive but it is not very pretty

5. Mercedes-Benz EQC

Mercedes-Benz EQC may not be a very familiar Mercedes-Benz vehicle but it is a great all-electric compact SUV. The EQC is, in fact, the first all-electric vehicle from the luxury car manufacturer, and Mercedes-Benz does not disappoint. The car has a range of 220 miles (354 km), not bad for an electric car. Actually, the EQC is pretty much the electric version of all Mercedes-Benz SUVs that have existed before. The design is the same, the system is the same, the driving is the same. The only different thing is that the car is much quieter because of the electric engine and that’s about it.

The EQC will be released next year, and the price is predicted to be somewhere in the USD 70,000 - 90,000 (approximately 48 - 62 lakh) range, depending on the spec.

Mercedes-Benz EQC

Mercedes-Benz electrified their normal SUV and gives us Mercedes-Benz EQC

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