Family Lives In Hyundai Xcent While Migrating Back To Village

by Mohit Bhardwaj | 22/05/2020
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While migrating back to their hometown in Bihar, this family is spending nights in their Hyundai Xcent.

Overlanding is a term quite famous around the folks who love to travel via their own car or SUV. The term overlanding basically means a self-reliant road trip to distant destinations where the drive is the primary goal. To go on overlanding trips, people prepare their cars accordingly by plonking in a huge amount of money. However, the falling economy due to the ongoing pandemic has created a sad situation for a lot of people as they can no longer afford to live in a rented apartment and hence, have started spending the entire day in their vehicles. A similar incident was recently reported from Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, where the family of a businessman was seen living out of a Hyundai Xcent.


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Family Lives In Hyundai Xcent While Migrating Back To Village

The Hyundai Xcent has been discontinued from the Indian market and has been replaced by the Aura. However, the earlier sedan used to be quite popular amongst fleet operators.

The family is travelling in their car from Mumbai to somewhere in Bihar. Due to the nationwide lockdown, they cannot take shelter in hotels or motels. Therefore, the family spends the night in the car. Also, the family is carrying all sort of supplies with them, so that they don’t need to make frequent stops to purchase essentials. They are also carrying along a stove with them, which they are using to prepare their food. However, the family claims they have hardly used it more than twice. Since a lot of citizens are distributing food packets to those who are migrating via road network, the family has been helped by such Samaritans. 


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Family Of A Businessman Lives In Xcent While Migrating Back To Village

The coronavirus pandemic has affected the employment for many in the country.

The businessman from Mumbai used to trade in textile until the lockdown was imposed. But, he says that during the lockdown they were not able to arrange groceries as the situation was quite disturbing in the metro city. So, he decided to travel back to his native place with his family in his Hyundai Xcent. Of course, this ordeal cannot be compared to the overlanding culture, which is a leisure activity. But, this incident surely shows that in such unfavourable circumstances, one's car can help him spend nights on the road while travelling. While we're totally sad for the family, we're happy to see their Hyundai Xcent providing them with shelter during these tough times. 

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