First Ever Tata Nexon EV Mileage Rally Held In Bengaluru - VIDEO

by Chandrutpal Kashyap | 27/12/2020
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To create more awareness for the Tata Nexon EV and EVs in general, Adishakti Tata in Bengaluru held a mileage rally for Nexon EV owners. Watch the video to see how it went.

The EV segment in India is still very-niche, as the lack of charging stations in the country still a big reason for the slow adoption rate. The Tata Nexon EV though is the best selling consumer EV in India, its price of Rs 14 lakh (ex-showroom) makes it a very appealing vehicle and undercuts all of its rivals. It has managed to sell close to 850 units, which is miles better than its competitors the MG ZS EV which sold 357 units, and the Hyundai Kona Electric which has only shifted 71 of them. It has a particularly strong following in India’s tech capital, Bengaluru, having sold over 300 units already. As an initiative to create awareness and a get together for Nexon EV owners, Adishakti Tata held a mileage rally.


Tata Nexon EV Driving Range Tested In Real-World Conditions

In the video that has been uploaded by AUTO TOWN on YouTube, we see the participants getting together at Adishakti Tata in Bengaluru for the rally’s start. The route is from the dealership to Nandi Hills, and whoever has the highest charge and range left in their Tata Nexon EV will be the winner. All participants voluntarily agreed to not turn on the AC, as it eats charge and was a cold day as well. Though the original plan was to go to the top of Nandi Hills, that had to aborted as there was a lot of traffic. The owners decided to head to the designated breakfast spot instead. Since the distance from the dealership was 64 kilometres, the race was concluded there itself. The winner had 304 kms of range left, with most of the Nexon EVs having a range between 260-280 kms. All of the participants received consolation gifts and complimentary breakfast and was a morning well spent for them.


Tata Nexon EV Modified With Massive Alloys Wheels and Bigger Brakes

Powering the Tata Nexon EV is a 30.2 kWh li-ion battery which transfers juice to a Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor, making max power and torque figures of 129 PS/245 Nm respectively. It comes with two driving modes – Drive and Sports powered by Tata Ziptron technology. The claimed range of the Nexon EV is 312 kms, for which you’ll need limitless hope and prayers to match it. Owner reports of the mileage have varied from around 170 kms to 250+ kms plus. The range mainly depends on the conditions and way you drive, so if you’re careful with your right foot you should get more than 220 kms regularly.


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