5 Advantages of Hyundai Venue Over Kia Sonet

by Harish Kumar | 18/09/2020
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Kia Sonet has created quite a buzz of excitement now but there’re things that make it sound inferior to the Hyundai Venue. Here are 5 biggest advantages that Hyundai Venue offers over Kia Sonet to watch out for.

There has been a lot of hype around the media channels as well as among the Indian auto buyers waiting for the price announcement of the Kia Sonet. The latest entrant to the sub-4m SUV segment, with its design and features revealed just a while back, poses a major threat its rivals including the current segment’s leader Hyundai Venue. The Kia Sonet does tower over the Hyundai Venue with a long list of equipment though, there are some departments where the Venue still leaves the Sonet behind. Here are the five biggest advantages that Hyundai Venue offers over the Kia Sonet.


hyundai venue vs kia sonet front angle

Yes, you read that right. We’re talking about the styling design that the Hyundai Venue triumphs the Kia Sonet to some extent. The Kia Sonet has hit the headlines for its stunningly muscular design and the car looks great from every direction with the wide wheel arches, signature tiger-nose front grille, pronounced bonnet and more. It’s all true. However, do you agree with us that the overall styling of the Kia Sonet will not appeal to a set of buyers who do not want something “too masculine” on the roads? The Hyundai Venue gets things on point with its neutral styling design that looks sporty enough to grab eyeballs from the opposite.


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Better Handling and Ride Quality

We’ve got a chance to stay behind the wheels of both Kia Sonet and Hyundai Venue. The impressions are all good for the cars but the Hyundai Venue gets a better handling ability and ride quality that suites better the Indian driving conditions compared with the Sonet. We all know that the Indian roads get a lot of problems and the carmakers need to tweak things around the suspension to help the car tackle the challenges.

hyundai venue front three quarters

Hyundai seems to excel in this department and the Venue rolls out quite a plush ride indeed. Still, Kia Sonet can get things done, but the experience is not as good as what the Venue has to offer. That said, if someone thinks that the Venue is not that comfortable of sorts compared to the Sonet, it’s here where the Hyundai car could make up for in terms of driving dynamics, handling.

Cooled Glovebox

cooled glovebox image

It is interesting that Kia Sonet, albeit having a lot of top-notch features inside the cabin, still misses out on a cooled glovebox that is already given in the Hyundai Venue. For any modern-day sub-four-metre SUV models, a cooled glovebox is quite a necessary fitment, especially for in a hot weather condition like in India. It’s again the Venue by India’s second-largest carmaker to have an upper hand over the newcomer Kia Sonet SUV.


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60:40 Split Seat

It is undeniable that the Kia Sonet wins against the Venue in terms of boot capacity, be it up to 392 litres of the luggage as against Venue’s 350 litres. Nevertheless, the Hyundai Venue offers 60:40 split-seat configuration, which is, for some, an important function for better usability and practicality. To give you an idea, you are required to keep the whole rear bench seats folded to load more goods in the Kia Sonet while the Venue’s 60:40 split seat configuration enables you to get the same with ease.

hyundai venue 60:40 split seats

Better Aftersales Network

Given the fact that Hyundai is the second largest-selling automaker in India while Kia is a whole new brand, it doesn’t take time to find out that Hyundai has a more excellent aftersale and service network compared with Kia Motor. While Hyundai has been around the market for a certain period of time, the older South Korean brand has left no stones unturned when it comes to the dealers network. Hyundai gets thousands of dealers across the nation while the figure is at around 150 for Kia counterpart. Considering the rising popularity that Kia achieves recently, we do expect that Kia might keep up with Hyundai in years to come but not now.

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