Five Mahindra Scorpio SUVs With Monstrous 22-inch Mags

by Jatin Chhibber | 19/10/2020
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Here are five Mahindra Scorpio SUVs, which gets humongous 22-inch aftermarket alloy wheels.

Mahindra Scorpio is one of the most popular SUVs offered by the automaker in India. It was first introduced in our market back in 2002, and since then it has a cult fan following among the SUV buyers. It looks quite muscular, thanks to its boxy design and straight lines and creases. It is one of those SUVs, which looks more eye-catching after getting modified. The stock model of the SUV comes with 17-inch factory-fitted alloy wheels, which looks quite boring. So, here are five different examples of Mahindra Scorpio, which employs humongous 22-inch alloy wheels and we have also named them interestingly. 



Pea-brained Mahindra Scorpio Owner Annoys Road Users With Train Horn - VIDEO

14-Spoke Impeller


The first Mahindra Scorpio in our list features 14-spoke diamond-cut Plati brand alloy wheels. These alloy wheels are finished in dual-tone colour. These aftermarket alloy wheels have a sparking effect and are giving a beefy stance to the SUV. These silver coloured alloy wheels are gelling up quite well with blacked-out paint scheme of Mahindra Scorpio. These alloy wheels are wrapped around low profile tyres, and this customization job has been done by Manga Tyres, Ludhiana Punjab. 

Hypercar Affair


This Mahindra Scorpio gets sporty looking 22-inch alloy wheels. These alloy wheels have been sourced from Creative Wheels & Tyres Amritsar. These are among the funkiest and sportiest looking alloy wheels in our list. These multispoke alloy wheels get a concave effect and a web-type design. Such designs are mostly seen on high-performance cars, and they look perfect of the Scorpio. These 22-inch alloy wheels are wrapped in 285/40 section tyres from Accelera but get aftermarket Pirelli P Zero tyre stickers. The brake callipers have also been painted in red colour shade, and it enhances the sporty quotient of the SUV. 


Old Mahindra Scorpio Modified To Look Like New One

American Tradition


These 5-spoke alloy wheels look very classy, but it seems to be dying anytime soon. This white coloured Mahindra Scorpio gets 5-spoke, 22-inch alloy wheels. The wheels are wrapped in 285/45 section low profile rubber. These aftermarket alloy units are of Plati brand. The red-painted brake callipers up front and brake drums at the back are easily visible via these big 22-inch wheels. 

10-Spoke Chakra


This Mahindra Scorpio gets 10-spoke alloy wheels, which are quite eye-catching. These aftermarket alloy wheels are finished in dual-tone colour shade. The spokes look sharp and enhance the overall aggressive look of the SUV. These aftermarket alloy wheels come from Plati alloys. 


Owner Jacks Up His Mahindra Scorpio SUV with XL Mags

Multi-Spoke Elegance 


The last customized Mahindra Scorpio in our list employs 10-spoke alloy wheels in silver finish. The design of these aftermarket units looks pretty decent and smart. These alloy wheels are wrapped around low profile tyres, and this modification job has been done by Creative Wheels & Tyres.

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