Ford EcoSport That Had Met With a Huge Accident Easily Clocks 2 Lakh Kms

by Jatin Chhibber | 26/04/2020
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Here is video of a Ford EcoSport owner, who drove his car for like 2.5 lakh kilometres after a major accident.

Normally, if a car is involved a severe collision, it starts often ends up being unreliable even after the repairs have been carried out. These issues consist of engine problem, suspension noises and much more. Most of the customers try to sell their 'accidental cars' at a cheaper-than-usual price to an unsuspecting buyer. But here, we have a video of a Ford EcoSport owner, who has a different opinion. The owner had met with a serious accident in his Ford EcoSport when his vehicle was just 8,000 km old.


Ford Ecosport Meets With A Massive Accident, Driver Escapes Without a Scratch!

The owner said that he was driving his Ecosport late at night, and to save an auto-rickshaw, which was coming from the wrong direction, the SUV went over a divider and then rolled over. The car was at a speed of 100-110 kmph. Nevertheless, the owner of the EcoSport says that despite the car rolling over a couple of times, they managed to escape the vehicle with some minor scratches and bruises. This shows the potent and robust build quality of one of the oldest sub-4-metre SUVs in the Indian car market. Moreover, the front fascia of the SUV was completely damaged. Parts like engine, axle, doors and the front bumper were destroyed.


Modified Ford EcoSport With MG Hector Inspired 360 Camera


It costed the owner Rs 5 lakhs for all the repairs and modifications

The wheel of the car literally came out because of the broken axle, but the rear profile and roof of the car were completely fine. That accidental Ford EcoSport has recently completed 2.5 lakh kilometres. The owner has driven the SUV for over 2 lakh kilometres since the major accident. The owner says that not even a single part has given any severe issue since then. The video shows how much impressed the owner is from his Ford EcoSport. He also said that he is planning to use his EcoSport for another 1-1.5 lakh kilometre. This speaks volume of the trust he has in his compact SUV. It also goes on to show the quality workmanship that Ford's service centre offer. 

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