Ford Endeavour vs Swaraj 744 Tractor – Who Wins?

by Kshitij Rawat | 04/06/2020
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Check out this tug of war between a Ford Endeavour and a Swaraj 744 Tractor. The results are quite surprising!

Ford Endeavour is one of the most capable SUVs in India, built to tread almost every path. Its giant dimensions not only liberate a good amount of interior space, but cut an intimidating figure to other motorists on the road. It is powered by an extremely torquey diesel motor, which ensures that you’ll never have a lack of power in any situation. But how does it fare against a tractor? If you, for reasons beyond our grasp, were wondering which of the two would win in a tug of war match, keep reading ahead!

Tochan car vs tractor /new ford Endeavour vs tractor swaraj 744 | Vishal Mehra

The video above was posted by Vishal Mehra on his YouTube channel. It shows a Ford Endeavour and a Swaraj 744 tractor tied to each other for a tochan test (tug of war). In the first round, both the tractor and the SUV struggle to find grip. The 744 spins its wheels almost constantly in a struggle to pull the Endeavour, which swings lefts to the right as its wheels also spin. Both the contenders are locked in a stalemate, resulting in a tie. In the second round, the driver of the Endeavour is much more aggressive. At first, the tractor manages to hold it steady, but after a while, it gets pulled and loses.

Ford Endeavour vs Swaraj 744 Tractor

The Ford Endeavour in the video is a relatively old second-generation model. It was available with two engine options. The first one was 2.2-litre, inline-4, turbocharged diesel engine, capable of generating 160 PS and 385 Nm of peak power and torque figures, respectively. The second one is a 3.2-litre, inline-4, turbo-diesel mill that belts out 197 PS and 470 Nm. Both the powerplants were available with a 6-speed automatic gearbox, while the smaller motor offered a 6-speed manual option as well. Also, a 4WD system was standard on the 3.2L, while the 2.2L was available in both RWD and 4WD formats.


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The Swaraj 744, on the other hand, is powered by a 3,136 cc, inline-3, naturally aspirated diesel engine. This motor can produce a maximum power of 45 PS and a peak torque of 170 Nm. While these number might not seem much, it’s the transmission that does the real magic here. The gearbox has 8 speeds for forward movement and 2 speeds for reverse. The ratios are set extremely low, in order to help multiply the torque for heavy-duty farming activities.

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