Ford Mustang Crashed Just Few Days After Purchase In Assam

by Vivaan Khatri | 17/07/2019
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One of the first Ford Mustang muscle cars in Assan was damaged in a car accident, causing the front end to be severely smashed.

One of the first Ford Mustang muscle cars in Assam has met with an accident that smashed the whole front of the car. It is reported that the car was just bought just a few days before this accident. Ford Mustang is an iconic car from the American car brand. The car, despite its old nameplate, enjoys a cult following in India. Available at an on-road price of Rs 80 lakh, the car could be considered an extremely expensive asset. In Assam, no Ford dealership has a Mustang on offer. Thus, within this area, a Mustang is indeed a rare species. The owner of the mentioned Mustang had to take delivery from a dealership in Noida, Uttar Pradesh.

ford mustang silver side profile

The new Ford Mustang met with accident in Meghalaya 

The appearance of this Mustang in Assam has attracted massive attention from the local folks. It has allured car fanatics and enthusiasts to come and adore this fancy car. It was a misfortune that days after the purchase, the car was caught in a car crash in Meghalaya, a neighbourhood state of Assam. At the time of the car accident, the car was still bearing the temporary number plate. The Mustang has slid out of control owing to the wet surface. Fortunately, no injuries were reported in the crash.

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ford mustang silver front car accident

The front end of the Ford Mustang was seriously damaged

As per a report from Guwahati Plus, this ill-fated car was claimed to be a victim of a manacing fraud. Allegedly, a group of wrongdoers spilt oil over the road, which causes vehicles to lose traction. To get their cars rescued, the drivers needs to pay these people an amount of money, which could range from Rs 5,000 to Rs. 15,000. This misdemeanour is frequently seen around Barapani near Shillong airport. However, the report of police officers cites no evidence of oil spill on the scene of the accident.

The accident of the Ford Mustang also raises the alarm about the possible danger of driving in the rain. To minimalize the risk of car crash under the rain, drivers should pay close attention while driving as well as having regular tyre and brake check-up.

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