DC Ambassador Electric Could Make it to Jeremy Clarkson's Show

by Mohammed Burman | 27/04/2020
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Apparently, Jeremy Clarkson’s office has recently contacted Dilip Chhabria to ask for permission to use the images of the DC2 e-Amby concept for the show The Grand Tour.

Overcoming several financial obstacles for the last few years, DC Design has come back under a new name, DC2. Headed by auto designer, Dilip Chhabria, DC2 is one of the most famous auto design companies in India. DC2 has showcased numerous new designs and concepts on its social media platforms.

DC Ambassador Electric Makes it to Jeremy Clarkson's Show

Under the new name: DC2, the most well-known car design company in India has released the impressive DC2 e-Amby concept

Up to now, Chhabria’s automative firm was mainly well-known for the DC Avanti, which is the first sportscar to be made in India. The Avanti’s success could not live up to DC Design’s expectations. Nevertheless, the car is still considered to be a true sportscar by the Indian auto users. After getting the new name: DC2, the company has released an impressive project: a pure electric version of the iconic Hindustan Ambassador, named e-Amby.


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The DC Ambassador Electric concept soon became the centre of discussion in India. The car’s popularity has not been limited to only India but has also caught the attention of people all over the world. One of them is Jeremy Clarkson, a director who has a deep passion for unique cars. As a result, it is being said that Clarkson’s office has contacted Chhabria asking for permission to utilize DC2 e-Amby concept’s images for The Grand Tour motor show, which is broadcasted on Amazon Prime video and hosted by Richard Hammon, James May and Jeremy Clarkson. 

The DC2 e-Amby was originally only a render. However, it has now been revealed by DC2 that four e-Amby prototypes have been produced in Switzerland; one of them, despite being expected to come to India this month, has been delayed due to the ongoing unfavourable situation.

Until now, not much has been revealed about the DC2 e-Amby’s motor options. According to many reports, the EV will feature a dual-electric-motor system with each one being located on each axle, which makes it an AWD. Thanks to this motor system, the EV can accelerate from a standstill to 100 kmph in only four seconds. Taking the inspiration from the presidential limousine, Chhabria wants to create a domestic luxury sedan with Ambassador’s design traits. According to Chhabria, the vehicle is the combination of a Rolls-Royce exterior and Bentley interior along with Tesla motors.

dc ambassador side profile image 1


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As regards the design, the e-Amby concept does it best to keep the same features as its donor vehicle. To be more specific, the grille continues to feature the unique trapezoid shape but measures greater in length. The bonnet borrows the double-bubble-akin haunches from the original version. The wheel arches have been squared off to look like the HM Ambassador. While the front succeeds in bearing a strong resemblance to the HM Ambassador apart from the headlights, the rear gets a quirky shape with elegantly-designed taillights. Actually, the rest of the car appears to be new and quite strange. The production-spec model is expected to be longer than the concept model to accommodate two more rear doors. In fact, the design still has to be changed in many details before the final product can be released.

dc ambassador rear three quarters image 1

The designers have tried their best to keep the design of the DC2 e-Amby remaining the same as its donor vehicle.

With this new car, the team will be more careful so that the mistakes in the Avanti project will not be repeated. Therefore, the DC2 Ambassador production is likely to be restricted to 5,000 units each year. The EV is expected to be priced at around INR 25 lakh, or half of the Mercedes-Benz E-Class’s cost, according to the company. If no unexpected things occur, the first production model of the DC2 e-Amby will be launched in the Indian auto market by late-2021.

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