Here's What a Hindustan Contessa EV Could Look Like in a Modern Avatar

by Mohit Bhardwaj | 04/05/2020
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If Hindustan Contessa has to debut in a sci-fi movie, this is the look it would carry. Don't you think so, too?

Hindustan Contessa is a deeply engraved memory in the heads of Indian automotive enthusiasts. Based on the Vauxhall Victor, the Contessa had a classic design. A lot of them can be seen restored and modified to look even better. A long bonnet, raked C-pillar, and a proportionate tail made the Contessa pack all the oomph factor required to make everyone fall for it. The Contessa was on sale in the Indian market for good 18 years. During all these years, it was offered with the option of a petrol and a diesel engine. However, imagine, if Contessa makes a comeback with an all-electric powertrain, how would it look like?


Old is Gold: History of Hindustan Contessa

Hindustan Contessa EV Looks Futuristic In Renderings

HM Contessa in these renderings looks like a car dropped straight from the future.

To answer this question, Cochin-based design firm – MightySeed Designs have developed neat renders of the Contessa in the EV avatar. One can observe, the design of the Contessa EV features fast-flowing curves in the place of sharp-straight lines seen on the original Contessa. The straight-face on the front and the HM logo are the only notable connection between the two. The 3-box silhouette has also been replaced with rather stylish 3-door coupe like shell.

Since it is a concept and the design team had no limitations imposed on their imaginations, which reflect in the overall design of the car.  On the sleek yet gorgeous rear-end,  it gets a single-piece connected tail lamp, which defines the width of the car. Also, it sits on massive alloy wheels with low-profile tyres. The mirrors have been replaced with cameras on either side to induce that futuristic appeal. Overall, the design is as clean as it could be and there’s no void left to call it cluttered at any place.


This Immaculately Restored HM Contessa Has a Sunroof!

Hindustan Contessa EV Looks Futuristic In Renderings

The Contessa mascot on the rear-end looks neat and bold.

According to Mightyseed Design’s team, they are not imagining the car to feature hub-mounted motors. The differential mounted electric motor is the layout they expect on their imagination of Contessa EV. However, this is still a concept and in digital form. Also, it is super tough to imagine the Contessa in a 3-door GT avatar. But, almost everyone is excited to see the brand resurrect once again, therefore, the car would be able to transform its legacy into profits with ease.

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