This Homemade Modified Volkswagen Beetle Looks Insanely Beautiful

by Harish Kumar | 04/02/2020
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This homemade Volkswagen Beetle is modified to look like the original one. Check out how this handmade VW Beetle was built by a talented Indian mechanic.

Avid auto enthusiasts in India always have their own ways of making their cars fun! A lot of people love to modify their cars, often to make them resemble either some high end cars or a few classic ones. Indeed, there are some cars that are not really accessible to the Indian car buyers due to their lesser demands as well as high price tags. However, some skillful modifiers know how to “fake it till we make it” and here is a good example of a modified Volkswagen-Beetle-like vehicle that looks as stunning as the real one.

modifief volkswagen beetle front angle

The original Volkswagen Beetle is a baby cute and fun-to-drive car, isn’t it? However, the Volkswagen Beetle cars never saw huge sales in India, mainly attributed to its hefty price sticker that makes the price-sensitive car buyers in India unwilling to dig deep into their pockets. As such, the Beetle being a rare sight on Indian roads. Still, VW Beetle does become something of a cultural icon, not only in India but also in the global markets.

Handmade VW Beetle | Video By Sudus Custom

With strong emotions toward the VW car, Rakesh Banu, an avid automobile fanatic has made himself his own car that is hugely inspired by the iconic Volkswagen Beetle. This homemade modified Volkswagen Beetle looks absolutely beautiful in the shade of sparkling yellow and then becomes a true head-turner on the roads.

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The maker of this modified car has revealed that he had never owned a regular Beetle before, and that this is a product of his imagination and a few references. Seems like he has indeed succeeded here! The homemade Beetle may fool many as it looks much like the real Beetle, to say the least.

Homemade VW Beetle | How's It Made | By Sudus Custom

It took Rakesh Banu almost three months to make the car from the scratch. Built from a two-seater vehicle, the car is smaller than the original VW Beetle by quite a margin. The bodywork of the vehicle is all handcrafted from the metal sheets while its wheels are sourced from the autorickshaws. The windshield, in the meantime, is made of polycarbonate plastic that can withstand great impacts. The wheels look very proportionate to the car’s body and the projector headlamps work properly. The yellow paint job and white wall tyres manage to make the car look very similar to the standard version. Chrome detailing is made to the headlamps, mirrors and wheel hubs, thus giving the car a more vintage look.

homemade vw beetle rear angle

The homemade Beetle gets a custom chassis setup and a simple engine mounted at the rear. In fact, this is a two-stroke motor derived from the Suzuki Samurai motorcycle that powers the rear wheels of the model. The engine can be started by the kickstart or a self-starting system.

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Remember, this Volkswagen Beetle is not legal, as per RTO standards, to run on public roads and we aren't sure about its safety quality. Nonetheless, it comes as a sheer good example of human intellect and skills that may inspire many people around by the maker’s great passion and effort to fulfil his dream.

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