How does it feel to have a supercar in India?

by Vivaan Khatri | 07/09/2018
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Even though you can afford to pay the hefty price tag of a supercar in India, are you ready to face the pain of owning one?

Owning a supercar is definitely an unparalleled feeling; it is a statement of class, luxury, fortune, and success. But such bold statement comes with a price, or worse, many prices.

1. Ground clearance 

Ground clearance has never been a supercar’s forte and perhaps it will never be because it is something that you would have to trade for speed. Supercar needs to cut through the wind and slip through the air, so its aerodynamics are designed to make it stay on the ground. The infrastructure is not ideal for even regular cars in India, and it poses a greater problem for supercars. Moreover, there are many illegal speed breakers that can easily make maneuvering around in supercar even more difficult. It is advisable that supercar owners should inspect the road before taking their cars out for a drive.

A red supercar looking from the side with ground clearance measure

Ground clearance of supercar is not the best.

2. Unwanted attention

There has been an increase of supercars in India in recent years, but overall they are still a pretty rare sight. It doesn't matter where you go with your supercar. You can't hide. The supercars are like people-magnet and you are not likely to escape from the curiosity and excitement of other people on the road. On various incidents, supercar owners have been mobbed by onlookers. A big part of driving a supercar in India is about avoiding crowds. Not that you should expect otherwise. You pay a lot for a supercar and obviously, you do not plan to buy a car just to hide it in the garage for a lifetime. But then, if you are a crowd lover, this could be an advantage.

Supercars are often mobbed by onlookers

3. Insane repair bill

Accidents are not 100% avoidable, and with the crazy traffic in India, the possibility of getting into one is quite high. Though India manufactures a lot of cars, none of them is supercars, making their spare parts extremely difficult to find and even more expensive than they should be. What’s worse is that some parts like the chassis or body panels have to be replaced entirely when they are damaged.

red supercar in a repairing workshop

Supercars require an insane cost for repairing and maintenance 

4. Plus maddening repair and service time

Regular cars take one or two days to go through regular servicing, but supercars servicing can take days or even weeks. Parts for expensive cars are far from cheap and often hard to come by. Moreover, all the spare parts of supercars have to be imported and they are not often stocked by service and repair centres in India. Just waiting for parts like brake pads or air filters to arrive at India can take days or even weeks. Also, for some reasons, supercars are not designed for ease of maintenance and repair; the task that takes an afternoon on a Toyota can consume five days on a Lamborghini.

4. Good fuel

Supercar engine is crazily complicated, and using low-quality or adulterated fuel can damage the engine and impact the overall performance of the car. Not all gas stations in India provides the fuel that supercar needs. Before thinking of owning a supercar, you should look for reliable fuel stations that offer high-quality fuel as well as premium fuel with a high octane number for those cars that require it.

 three Lamborghinis in a gas station.

Finding high-quality fuel for a supercar is not easy

5. Parking

Let’s face it, if you want your car to be just how you leave it in the parking lot when you come back, you can forget about parking your supercar anywhere but in the safety of your own garage. Parking a regular car in India is not easy, let alone a supercar. And if you are lucky enough to find a spot, park it there, and when you go back to your car, you will see some people leaning on it. On a bad day, you can find some new fresh scratches on your supercar after leaving it. That’s why many supercar owners have security guards take care of the vehicle when they are gone but such a solution may not be possible for everyone.

a super car with people around

Finding a safe place to park your car is not easy in India

6. Driving at full speed? In your dream

Traffic jam in India is bad and it is almost anywhere. Being on roads that are congested with traffic, a supercar with high-powered engines cannot go at full speed and utilize its full potential on a daily basis. Also, there are very few qualified race tracks in India, so driving your supercar on congested roads just to arrive at a race track to go full speed is not a very practical idea. Some people say that one easy-to-access option for a supercar in India to unleash its power is on the highway at midnight, but then there is the legal speed limit. So basically, the only place to drive your supercar at full speed is in your dream.

supercars driving on highway

It is impossible to drive in full speed i9n India

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