Hyderabad Cop Runs TWO Kilometres To Clear Traffic For Ambulance

by Mohammed Burman | 30/11/2020
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Recently, a video which shows a Hyderabad cop runs TWO kilometres to clear the traffic to make sure that the ambulance could move forward smoothly has gone viral on the Internet. Read on for more details.

Last week, a traffic constable has touched millions of Internet browsers’ heart for running two kilometres on a busy road to clear the traffic for an ambulance which was carrying an important patient.

The Hyderabad cop, who was later identified as G Babji, a resident of Lal Darwaza, was on his normal duty like any other dull days. Then he realized an ambulance which was travelling from Abids to Koti was having difficulties in moving due to the heavy traffic. It was blaring ít horns to seek for road clearance but in vain. The 38-year-old cop quickly rose to the occasion, pulled off this cap and started to run ahead of the ambulance waving and signifying other vehicles to give way for the ambulance so that the patient could be taken to hospital as fast as possible. After all, he ran nearly TWO kilometres. Can you believe this?

He might not have done this to become a social media star. Nevertheless, the patient's son, who was sitting in the front cabin of the ambulance recorded a video of him running to spare way for the ambulance and uploaded it online. The patient was taken to the hospital in time and his life has been saved.

After knowing Mr Babji's meaningful action, his seven-year-old daughter took a piece of paper, wrote “Congratulations Daddy” and sent this greeting postcard to her hero father, which moved the police to tears. His daughter was only one among thousands of people who appreciate, admire and send praise to the hero police for his good deed.

Anil Kumar, Additional Commissioner of Police (Traffic), also shared the video on his Twitter account and wrote that: “HTP officer Babji of Abids Traffic PS clearing the way for an ambulance…Well done…HTP in the service of citizens”.

Another video which shows G Babji acknowledged and rewarded by the Police commissioner for his good action has also been shared on social media.

In the meanwhile, many people have also wondered why the public failed to make way for the ambulance despite its loud siren. It is also believed that a change in the overall attitude of the public is required rather than make the police run for kilometres on a busy road to ask people to give way for important vehicles.

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