International-Spec 3rd Gen Hyundai I10 Is Considerably Different From Grand I10 Nios

by Mohammed Burman | 05/09/2019
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Ahead of its debut at the 2019 Frankfurt Auto Show, the Hyundai i10 has been revealed. It bears numerous differences from the Grand i10 Nios which has just been launched in India a few weeks ago.

As regards the exterior, both of the vehicles come with a cascading grille but with a different design and that on the European-spec i10 is wider. Moreover, while the Hyundai Grand i10 Nios is equipped with LED DRLs integrated to the corners of the grille, the international-spec i10 gets only round DRLs located on the grille corners.

hyundai i10 vs grand i10 nios front angle

The two vehicles are different from each other in the front.

Another clear distinction between the two cars is the size of the wheels. Those on the i10 are 16-inch alloy units while those on the Nios are 15-inch alloy units.  The C-pillar of the former is also more sportily designed. The door handles of the i10 also comes with chrome plating. In the rear, the taillights of the two vehicles are differently designed while the bumper on the i10 appears to be sportier.

hyundai i10 vs grand i10 nios rear angle

Like the front, the side profile and the rear of the two vehicles also have some differences.

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Inside the cabin, the i10 also experiences a lot of alterations in comparison with the Grand i10 Nios. The former is packed with a different console. In the meanwhile, the controls on the driving wheel are also different from those on its counterpart. The instrument clusters of the two vehicles are different from each other, too. The Nios is replete with fixed headrests while those in the European-spec i10 are adjustable. The speed control is offered in the i10 but absent in the Nios. Some of the similar features of the two models include the touchscreen infotainment unit, air conditioning controls, wireless charging and door panels.

It I also worth noting that even the last-gen Grand i10 also received some adjustments compared with the second-gen i10 to suit the Indian auto market better. For example, since a lot of Indian people have a tendency to sit in the rear seat row, the South Korean auto manufacturer has made the rear windows in the Indian version wider so that the rear passengers can have a comfortable journey.

The safety features on the two vehicles are also different from each other. The European car is equipped with smart speed limit alert, collision avoidance system, lane departure warning system, high beam assist and driver attention warning, which are all missing from the Indian version.

hyundai i10 vs grand i10 nios interior

The interior of the international version seems to be more modern than its Indian counterpart with a lot more safety features.

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