Hyundai Kona Travels 400 Kms On One Full Charge

by Jatin Chhibber | 02/11/2020
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Here’s a recent YouTube video which shows Hyundai Kona covering 400 km in real-world conditions.  

Hyundai Kona was the company’s first fully-electric compact SUV introduced in the Indian market. The car was launched in our market last year and is one of the highest drive range of electric cars in its segment. It locks horns with the likes of MG ZS EV and Tata Nexon EV, which were launched in India after Kona. The Hyundai SUV offers an ARAI certified range of 452 km in one full charge. Here’s a recent YouTube video which shows a Hyundai Kona travelling from Trivandrum (Kerala’s capital) to Calicut. The distance between both places is around 400 km. 


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This video is uploaded by a YouTube channel named as KONA Kerala. The video starts by vlogger explaining the plan that what he is planning to do. Afterwards, he picks up the Kona EV from a Hyundai dealership and shows the driving range the car, and also the distance he needs to cover. The driver plans to drive from Hyundai dealership in Trivandrum to a Hyundai dealership in Calicut. The exact distance between both the places is 409 km. This test tells exact range Hyundai Kona EV offers in real-world conditions. The vlogger leaves the dealership with full 100 per cent charge and after driving for 69 km he joins the bypass road. The roads in Trivandrum are quite narrow and crowded most of the time.



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The SUV also comes loaded with some unique features where the car allows the driver to switch on the air conditioner on his side if he is along in the car. After completing around 102 km, the Kona EV used over 20 per cent of the battery. After driving the EV for around 161 km, the driver takes a break. The SUV was still showing the range of 209 km and the SUV has consumed around 34 per cent of the battery. He also faced traffic jam in the middle of his journey but it did not affect the range of the car. After using 50 per cent battery, the electric SUV completed 233 km and was left with a range of 160 km. At last, the SUV reached Hyundai dealership in Calicut with only 7 per cent charge left. This clearly shows that the Hyundai Kona EV is a capable electric car and can be used for long-distance trips. 


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