Celebrate Christmas With The Most Unique Car Decorations

by IndianAuto Team | 24/12/2019
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Christmas is coming! If you are looking for ideas to embellish your car, check out this article to find the most unique Christmas car decorations.

Merry Christmas! This big and joyful event always helps end every year with lots of wonderful memories. Walking across the street, you can easily find people decorate their houses with beautifully sparkling ornaments. Woo-hoo! What a Christmas vibe! This article is also about ornaments, but unlike the pretty things hanging on the houses, you will see the most unique Christmas car decorations. Can’t wait to get more creative ideas for your cars? Let’s scroll down!

1. Put a Santa Claus Christmas cap on your car!

Red Hatchback car with red christmas cap

People wearing Santa caps is normal, but making your car wear the cap will surely catch everyone off-guard! The only problem is you may find it a little hard to grab a suitable giant red cap in the market. However, that is why this idea is special. If you cannot purchase one, you can make a DIY unique cap using clothes and fairly good sewing skills. You can overdo this Christmas car decorations idea by adding a Santa coat for your car with a Christmas song playing while you are moving along the road. People will surely admire your Santa-car along with your sense of humour.

2. Attach some large and cute Christmas-themed Stickers or Decals

Christmas sticker

This is the easiest way to decorate your car. The key to its uniqueness is the sticker designs you choose. Spend time going window shopping in decals shops to have a list of excellent designs. If you cannot find the stickers or decals you want, you can design some and ask the shops whether you can have them printed. However, remember to stick them where they do not obstruct your visions from the mirrors, especially when they are too large. One more thing, if you are afraid that the decals can leave ugly traces after you remove them, don’t worry, because new ones are easily removed. Nevertheless, in case you intend to leave them for too long or by unknown means they are too hard to get rid of, check out this article to know the best ways to remove car stickers.

4. Cosplay your car as a giant reindeer

Christmas car decoration with reindeer hord

Another creative way to celebrate the special holiday is dressing your car as the most favorite creature of Christmas, the reindeer. What do you think of when mentioning the reindeer? Obviously, the antlers! Therefore, the easiest method to turn your car into the famous Christmas animal is grabbing two giant antlers made of plastic or cotton (water-resistant coat, of course). Then, attach them on top of the side windows or on top of your car, and remember to put add some more Christmas decorations on your car to make it more lively.

3. Wrap up the Christmas with a stunning car wrap

If stickers are just normal Christmas car decorations to you, wrapping everything up may be a better alternative. Wrapping a car means you will apply a new skin to it, and the cost is relatively cheap. Therefore, if you want to apply a whole new skin to your car during this occasion, choose the most stunning Christmas wrap and get it done. Compared to the boring car outside, your car will be the most appealing, and it will boost the vibe of Christmas everywhere it goes.

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5. Fairy lights will make your car a star on Christmas Eve

car with christmas lights

Another must-have ornament during Christmas Eve is a big bunch of fairylights. These sparkling lights blow life into every decoration on which they are hung. Simply grab a bunch of lights and arrange it all over your car, then the car will become the most appealing people see in the street. However, avoid using too many colours; instead, try to decorate your car with yellow mixed with white lights for this will not only brighten your car among the crowd, but this also boost the elegance of the vehicle.

6. Attach some reflective Christmas light bulbs

SUV parking on snow with colorful paper light

If you hesitate to hang a lot of fairy lights around your car, you can simply purchase some reflective Christmas light magnets and attach them on the sides, the back or on the hood of the car. Not really an extremely special Christmas car decoration, but this can help people save time while deciding what to put on their cars for Christmas. Moreover, because they are mostly sold as magnets, it is easier to remove them than the stickers and the fairylights. If you still don’t know which ornaments to decorate your car and Christmas is near, purchase a pack of reflective light magnets, stick it on your car, and the problem will be solved.

7. Don’t forget the Christmas car air vent accessories

Christmas decoration interior

After you decorate the exterior of your car, its time to pay attention to the interior, starting with the air-con vents. The limited space can be added some cute and unique accessories. Just go to a shop and pick whichever Christmas car air vent accessories you like most. There will be a lot of types for you to choose such as little Olaf (Frozen’s snowman), candy canes, a bunch of mistletoes, a tiny pretty Christmas tree, etc. If you are lucky, you can find some with shinny glittery ones that really stand out.

8. Why don’t you bring into your car the Christmas tree?

Bringing the giant Christmas tree inside your car is indeed impossible. However, a mini tree on your car could spread the vibe of Christmas to everybody on it. There are many already-made mini Christmas trees in the market, but you may find USB-powered Christmas tree the perfect match for your festive cheer. By the way, you can also make a  DIY Christmas tree by using papers and some other stuff if you are handy enough.

9. If you cannot choose any one thing, choose ‘em all!

Christmas decoration car interior

This is the fastest way to make a decision. You can simply go to a shop and get all the items you want, or make use of the available Christmas decorations in your house to put them on your cars. However, remember to decorate your car aesthetically because mixing all things may end up messy rather than pretty.

And once again, IndianAuto wishes you a merry Christmas. If you like our articles, please feel free to browse through our website to find useful tips and interesting stories on Indianauto.com.

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