Indian Politicians Fined For Traffic Rules Violation: Gautam Gambhir To Salman Khurshid

by Harish Kumar | 05/11/2019
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11 Indian Politicians and their spouses have been challaned for violating traffic rules. Salman Khurshid were fined for 16 offences.

Technology has been applied massively in many aspects of the society, including traffic. Traffic Police in Delhi has recently installed speed cameras for detecting the over speeding vehicles all over the city. At present, there are about 25 cameras have been installed already and the number is looked to increase to 100.

traffic camera in Delhi

Delhi Traffic Police has shifted to use camera to detect over speeding vehicles across the city.

With the new challan rates in Delhi, people will have to pay stiff penalties for breaking the traffic rules. Delhi Traffic Police now started to send online challans to the law-breakers too, which enables road users to check if there is any pending challan against their vehicles. Well, with the installation of traffic cameras, you won’t need to wonder where you committed the offences. And interestingly, if you just get a challan against your vehicle in recent days, congratulations, you might be in august company.

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According to a recent report, among thousands of violators who hit the traffic violation notices in Delhi recently, many are VIPs, leaders from the political spectrum and Union ministers. Yes, you read that right, we’re talking about the wife of Nitin Gadkari who had a pivotal role in making the challan rates a costlier affair. We’re also talking about the Congress leaders Salman Khurshid, Gautam Gambhir, Shashi Tharoor and a lot more.

politicians breaking traffic rules

There are as many as 11 important politicians and their wives were challaned for breaking the traffic rules.

Sources reveal that there are as many as 18 important politicians and their spouses have got the pending challans. In which Salman Khurshid has the highest number of fines with 16 times of violations. Jumping the red traffic light, driving exceeding the speed limit, improper parking and violating the stop line are most of the cases. Shashi Tharoor was caught breaking the rules twice, including jumping the red light and driving over the speed limit. Another Congress leader, Ajay Makan has two offences against his name, namely violating the stop line and driving above the speed limit. His wife also received the fines for flipping over the speed limit.

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Nitin Gadkari’s wife was fined for jumping the red traffic light and the same went for Harsh Vardhan. Gautam Gambhir, the newly-elected leader of BJP has three offences against his vehicle including driving over the speed and improper parking.

It should be noted that this does not mean these vehicles were driven by the politicians themselves. In most of the cases, it could have been the kith and kin of these VIPs or the driver who broke the laws. Whoever they are, the technology has helped much in bridging the distance between VIPs and normal traffic policemen by doing what police might not be able to do so far – challaned the vehicles belonging to prominent politicians.

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