Jaguar XE Spotted Wearing A Thatched Roof Under The Scorching Sun

by Vivaan Khatri | 22/05/2019
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Recently, a Jaguar XE was spotted with a thatched roof, which is supposed to keep the car's cabin from heating up too much under the scorching sun

Driving under the scorching sun in these mid-summer days is a real torture. Even when you are sitting inside the car with the AC on, it might not save you from the unbearably high temperature. Well, when the heat gets too much, it is time to take action. One Jaguar XE owner has stumbled upon an eccentric way to deal with the hot weather – attaching a… thatched carpet over his/her car’s roof.

jaguar xe thatched roof

To escape from the summer heat, the ower of the Jaguar uses a thatched carpet attached on the roof of his car

The image here shows a Jaguar with a thatched roof. It is not every day that we see people get over-creative on dealing with the heat. In this situation, the owner of the car seems to have a unique takeaway from the traditional thatched rug that people mostly use to lower the temperature inside a house. The thatched roof is made of dry straws and vegetation, which makes good material to keep the moisture under the surface after being watered. So regardless of the sizzling weather, the roof of the car, the part that gets exposed to the sunlight the most, still remains cool. At least, it can easily keep the temperature of the cabin a few degrees lower than usual. Also under the straw layer, there is a blue plastic cover which is obviously to keep the paint finish from coming in contact with the moisture directly. We all know thatched roof works very well on the houses, so possibly, it could bring out more or less the same effect on a car.

While the thatched roof attached to a high-end vehicle doesn’t look attractive, it can at least rescue the passengers from the long and insufferable heat. The fact that the Jaguar XE comes with a large sunroof, which can very well help the UV rays penetrate into the cabin, would have made this car even prone to heating up. Hence, the idea of attaching a thatched carpet atop the roof makes incredible sense. 

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