No-Contact Aftersales Services NOW AVAILABLE For Kia Seltos, Sonet and Carnival

by Vivaan Khatri | 19/11/2020
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Kia Motors is the first car manufacturer to provide a complete contactless and paperless aftersales service process. Read for more details.

Kia Motors is one of the newest car brands in the Indian automotive market. Its local lineup includes the trio of Seltos, Sonet and Carnival.  Despite being a new face, the Kia Motor has caught up with other dominant car brands in the market in terms of sales. One of the main issues for young companies like Kia is to develop the sales and after-sales service system in order to meet the expanding product line-up and the growing demands from customers. Recently, Kia Motors has introduced a complete contactless and paperless aftersales process for Indian customers. It is expected to deliver an exceptional ownership experience for the customers.

The contactless and paperless aftersales programme is called "Advanced Pick and Drop", which entails a complete process of no-contact vehicle pick-up and delivery as well as live vehicle tracking. This programme is provided in order to ensure the highest safety for customers in the time of social distance.

In addition, Kia Motors also introduces the “My Convenience” service initiative. Under this programme, the carmaker can provide personalized maintenance services to customers. With this new programme, Kia Motors is stepping up the game by focusing on providing highly personalized and digitalized service experience.

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Advanced Pick and Drop

As mentioned above, this programme provides contactless pick-and-drop aftersales services. There are some several car brands that have started to offer services of this kind. However, Kia Motors is the first car manufacturer to come up with a complete contactless aftersales process. Here’s how the process goes:

  • Pick-and-drop drivers will use protective seat covers and protection kit

  • Related documents of the pick-and-drop driver will be shared with customers before the pick-up

  • The entire pick-and-drop process will be tracked via application without using paper.

  • Customers will receive SMS alerts throughout the process.

  • Live vehicle tracking on phone is available for customers

My Convenience

This program is introduced under the “Promise to Care” initiative, which allows the customer to personalize their service package as per their wishes. In addition, Kia also provides inflation protection as a part of this program. Under this programme, customers are allowed to customize two packages, Pre-paid Maintenance and Care Pack.

Pre-paid Maintenance

This service pack will cover the periodic maintenance services like genuine parts replacement, oil change, as well as the labour charge. The service schedule is based on year timeline or travelled distance. In addition, Pre-paid maintenance also provides coverage for complementary services like wheel alignment, balancing and tyre rotation. With this package, customers will get upfront saving and inflation protection. There are four options of this package, 2 Years / 20,000 Kms, 3 Years / 30,000 Kms, 4 Years / 40,000 Kms, and 5 Years / 50,000 Kms.

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Care Pack (Car Care Service)

While the Pre-paid Maintenance provides the essential maintenance services, the Care Pack allows the customers to customize other car care services as per their needs. There are four options for the customers to choose from, Preventive Care, Fresh Care, AC Care and Hygiene Care. For each of these packages, customers can avail two services during the service period.

Preventative Care

Underbody Coating

Rodent Repellent

Fresh Care

Interior Enrichment

Exterior Enrichment

AC Care

AC Evaporator Cleaning

AC Disinfectant

Hygiene Care


Carbon Air Filter

Apart from these services, customers can also avail complimentary alloy and wheel care services. Moreover, Kia offers a discount of 10 per cent for other care car services for customers during the package duration.

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