Kia Seltos Boot Space Tested In A Video

by Harish Kumar | 09/11/2020
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In this article, we’ll check out how large is the boot space of Kia Seltos is and how much goods it can carry on the go.

Kia Seltos was introduced in the Indian market last year and it quickly becomes an ultra-popular SUV among the Indian buyers after a very short span of time. With such popularity, the Kia Seltos has become a common sight on the Indian roads. There are many good reasons contributing to the Kia Seltos’s roaring success, and good cargo capacity is one of them. In this article, we’ll check out how large is the boot space of Kia Seltos is and how much goods it can carry on the go.

Here’s a video showing Arun Panwar who is a vlogger on Youtube conducting the boot space test in his own Kia Seltos SUV. The car’s owner has a couple of farms which are all ready to be harvested, hence it becomes a right time for him to conduct the load test of the Seltos. To get an idea of how much cargo that Seltos SUV can ferry, he puts all the grains that were harvested on the car. Since the vlogger owns a base diesel variant of the Kia Seltos, it gets the boot capacity of 433 litres.


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With the help from another guy, they manage to load 11 sacks on the floor of the rear seats. The rear seats were then folded down to get more space for the other bags of rice. After all the sacks were placed inside the Seltos, the height of the SUV has gone down a bit due to the heavyweight. Since he wanted to know how the Kia Seltos would perform with a heavy load at the back, the vlogger got in and drove the car for a spin.

kia seltos boot space test image


How Large Kia Seltos Boot Space Actually Is?

Like said above, the Kia Seltos featured here is a base diesel variant that comes with a 1.5-litre diesel motor mated to a manual gearbox. While diesel cars have been known for generating decent torque, this Seltos is not different. The SUV was seen pulling all the weight smoothly and effortlessly even when he drove it up a ramp. That’s to say, the Kia Seltos has performed the load test very brilliantly.

It is suggested that when driving a car loaded with so many goods in the boot, one needs to drive the car slowly to keep it a safe drive. Also, it’s not recommended to do such an experiment on your vehicle to avoid getting the car out of control.

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