Ceramic Coating or PPF, What to Choose for Kia Seltos – VIDEO

by Mohit Bhardwaj | 20/11/2020
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Confused, whether should you be opting for a ceramic coating or a paint protection film? Here's a video that can clear your doubts with the help of two Kia Seltos.

Indian road conditions are not as great as in some developed countries. Since the highways and expressways are still under construction, the road dust is a major constituent of the pollution. Therefore, carmakers are offering features like an air purifier and eco coating for the air conditioning systems. While these aids are good at keeping the occupants safe, but what about the car? The pollutants can be harmful and corrosive to the car’s paint and might make your car lose its charm and shine in the long run. To fight against this ordeal, ceramic coating and paint protection films come up as considerable solutions. But which one of the two is the better one? Here’s a YouTube video from the channel of Brotomotiv which packs in the solution for this confusion.


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In the video, the host showcases two Kia Seltos that have come for the PPF installation and ceramic coating application. With these examples, he explains the differences between the PPF and ceramic coating. Starting with the former, host briefs about the different types of paint protection films available in the market. The first one of the lot is of made of PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride). It offers a lot of gloss but fails to age gracefully. Then there are Polyurethane PPF and Thermo-plastic Polyurethane PPF. The latter also possess self-healing characteristics. Also, the red Kia Seltos in the video has been wrapped in the same film.

Ceramic Coating or PPF, What to Choose for Kia Sonet or Seltos – VIDEO


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Moreover, there are advance versions of PPF available in the market. These films come pre-treated with self-healing and ceramic coatings. According to the host, the thickness of PPF varies from 80 microns to 200 microns. However, he claims that users should opt for films that have a thickness of around 120 to 160 microns only. Moving over to the ceramic coating, they are offered in two specifications – 9H and 10H, where H defines the hardness of the solution. If the prices of two detailing options are to be compared, the ceramic coating takes the lead here by being the cheaper of the two. With this detailed description, we hope that now you know what is the best option for you and your car.

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