Check Out These Aggressive Kia Seltos 'X' Off-Road Concepts

by Harish Kumar | 23/11/2019
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The Kia Seltos X-Line Trail Attack and X-Line Urban Concepts give this compact SUV an aggressive off-road makeover.

During the course of the jammed-back Los Angeles Auto Show, Kia Motors has taken the covers off the 2021 Kia Seltos SUV and the updated 2020 Kia Niro Hybrid. However, these are not the only Kia cars being unveiled at the show that day. Showing up hot on the heels of the regular Seltos SUV are two exciting off-road spec Kia Seltos concepts – the X-Line Trail Attack and the X-Line Urban Concept. These two modified Kia Seltos off-roading concept cars are absolutely beautiful looking vehicles! Here, we shall take a look at all the details we could find on both the Kia Seltos X models.

kia seltos x-line trail attack urban concepts 2019 front angle

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Designed and built at Kia Design Centre America and Zero to 60 Designs of Corona, the two new Kia Seltos concepts takes the brand’s new stylish SUV and spices them up by a range of aftermarket parts. The concepts showcase the modern and active lifestyles of the car that the Seltos owner will embrace. Kia confirms that there’s no production plan of these two concept vehicles now, however, it’s worth noting that Kia used to mention the same for the Telluride and GT Concepts, but both of these managed to make their way to the marketplace in the forms of the Telluride SUV and the Stinger GT sports sedan in America.

Kia Seltos X-Line Trail Attack

Compact SUVs are ideal cars for city commuters. In India, the Kia Seltos is currently the best-selling model in its segment, especially for some big cities. However, if you like to take the road less travelled sometimes, then you'll love the Trail Attack Concept car. What impresses the most is its stirring dual-tone paint scheme, which evokes a blazing desert sunset. The bumper and roof-mounted Hella auxiliary lamps will light up the dark when the sun hides behind the dunes.

kia seltos 2019 x-line trail attack concept front angle

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The Seltos X-Line Trail Attack comes with an electronic all-wheel-drive system that features a central differential-lock, which distributes power to the front- and rear-axles equally. The aftermarket 2-inch lift-kit helps raise the ground clearance of the car to 9.2-inches, while 17-inch custom black alloy wheels shod with a set of knobby off-road-spec tyres come to enhance the off-road-traction of the model. There’s a winch behind the front bumper for serious off-roading, along with a fabricated roof rack.

kia seltos x-line trail attack concept rear angle

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Under the hood of the X-Line Trail Attack sits a 1.6-litre 4-cylinder turbocharged engine, good for 175 HP of maximum power and 264 Nm of peak torque delivered via a 7-speed dual-clutch auto transmission. It’s the same powertrain that’s optional in the regular 2020 Kia Seltos in America. Also, the Seltos Trail Attack concept retains the same refined and purposeful interior as in the stock model.

Kia Seltos X-Line Urban Concept

As its name states, the Seltos X-Line Urban Concept is specially designed for the most challenging city drives. Inspired by the glass and steel skyscrapers of Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco, the Kia Seltos X-Line Urban Concept gets a custom slate grey colour scheme which rolls out a contrasting effect with the gloss-back roof.

kia seltos 2019 x-line urban concept side angle

With the support of a custom two-inch winch, the X-Line Urban concept can also take to some serious trails. Also, the car has a high-stance, which would protect you from potholes and big bumps. The raised seating position of the car for better visibility in congested traffic. The car is equipped with an electronically-controlled AWD system with torque vectoring. There’s an integrated intake in the custom hood, thus giving the Seltos a more rugged stance.

kia seltos off-road variants action shot

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There are roof-mounted auxiliary lights that provide ultra-bright visibility through the night and the city fog. It also sports a custom fabricated roof rails that offer extra loading capacity for the vehicle. The interior of the modified Kia Seltos remains unchanged, seeing the same 10.25-inch touchscreen infotainment system with navigation and a backup camera as in the production model. As for the powertrain, it shares the same 1.6-litre 4-cylinder turbocharged engine as the X-Line Trail Attack sibling.

india-spec kia seltos action image front angle

Back in India, the regular Kia Seltos has witnessed a resounding success in our domestic market, with 50,000 bookings registered within 50 days of its launch. It is currently taking the lead in the SUV (above-4-metres) segment in the country, leaving behind rival like the Jeep Compass, Renault CapturHyundai Creta, and Maruti S-Cross.

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