Kia Sonet Diesel AT Mileage Test In Regular Driving Conditions - VIDEO

by Chandrutpal Kashyap | 29/12/2020
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The Kia Sonet is the highest-selling compact SUV in the Indian market currently. To see how the best fares in everyday driving conditions, we have come up with this mileage test. Full story below.

After the resounding success of the Kia Seltos in India upon launch, you would forgive the Korean automaker if the Sonet couldn’t match its elder sibling. Instead, they have to catch lightning in a bottle twice, having found over 20,000 homes already since its launch in September this year. It is currently the best selling compact SUV with 11,471 units being sold in November. The compact SUV segment it competes in is a very rapidly growing market and new rivals launching every other month. To see how it fares against the competition in a crucial selling factor, today we have a Kia Sonet in diesel AT trim for a mileage test in everyday driving conditions.


Kia Sonet vs Ford Ecosport - Drag Race of Diesel Variants

As you’ll watch in the video below, we have got a Kia Sonet diesel AT and we are going to test its fuel economy in real-world conditions. This means, instead of just driving at a set speed and chasing claimed figures, we’ll see how the frugal it is when you’re driving in everyday situations. For this, we’ll use the tank to tank method, i.e., fill the tank to the brim and calculate the mileage based on how much fuel is consumed. Being driven a bit enthusiastically, The Kia Sonet was averaging around 14 kmpl in the MID during the hilly section with multiple corners and altitude changes. Over to the city and grinding traffic, the economy dropped a little to 13 kmpl while highway conditions increased it to 14 kmpl again. Over the total route of 165 kms, the calculated average fuel economy was 17.1 kmpl. This is pretty close to the official ARAI figures of 19 kmpl and has to be noted that the Sonet was being driven only in Sport mode the whole time. Also, by the end of the test, the MID was showing figures of 17.2 kmpl, which is quite accurate as MIDs are not always correct at calculating fuel economy.


Here's a Kia Sonet With Modified Red & Black Interior Theme

The Kia Sonet diesel AT we tested here churns out 115 PS/250 Nm of max power and torque figures in this 6-speed auto-configuration, or you get 100 PS/240 Nm peak figures if you choose the 6-speed manual. There are 2 petrol engines that you can choose as well, The 1.2-litre 4-pot N/A petrol makes 83 PS/113 Nm of max power and torque figures which is mated to a 5-speed manual only. The 1.0-litre 3 cylinder, though smaller in displacement makes better power thanks to a turbo producing peak power and torque figures of 120 PS/172 Nm respectively, and can be paired with a 6-speed iMT or 7-speed DCT.

Prices for the Kia Sonet range from Rs 6.71 lakh – Rs 12.99 lakh, ex-showroom.


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