List of RTO Offices in Ahmedabad

by IndianAuto Team | 23/04/2020
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If you are finding the local RTO office in Ahmedabad to get your new vehicle registered, check out the details here.

Regional Transport Offices in Ahmedabad

Guided by the section 213 of the Motor Vehicles Act 1998, the Regional Transport Offices were established in Ahmedabad to monitor the transport-related operations as well as maintain the database of drivers and vehicles in the largest city of Gujarat. Here are the RTO offices in Ahmedabad along with general details.

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1. GJ-01 RTO

  • RTO code: GJ-01

  • Address: Subhash Bridge, Sabarmati, Ahmedabad, Gujarat – 380027

  • Office timings: 10:30 AM – 6 PM

  • Phone no: 91 79 27559696

2. GJ-27 RTO

  • RTO code: GJ-27

  • Address: Mahadev Nagar Tekra, Vastral, Ahmedabad, Gurajat – 380023

  • Office Timings: 10:30 AM – 6 PM

  • Phone no: 92 79 27559695


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Primary Functions of RTO Offices in Ahmedabad

Like other RTOs across the states of India, the Ahmedabad RTOs are in charge of ensuring the systematic and well-organised transport system, facility and operations of the city, entrusting in the transport provisions stipulated by the Motor Vehicle Act 1998. We are presenting the most fundamental functions of the RTO offices in Ahmedabad as follows:

  • Providing driving internal and international driving licence, conductor licence and other related services.

  • Providing registrations on many different kinds of vehicles including private and commercial vehicles, issuance of NOC among others

  • Collecting road tax payments and other revenue for the government

  • Enforcing the traffic safety regulations

  • Inspecting the vehicles at check posts

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Vehicle Registration in Ahmedabad RTO offices

The RTO offices of Ahmedabad provides its citizens with two types of vehicle registration – including Temporary and Perrmanent vehicle registrations.

  • Temporary Vehicle Registration: This is a kind of short-term registration provided for any new vehicle during the time of waiting for the permanent registration. It could be issued by the dealers at the purchase of the new vehicle and can be valid from 7 days to a month.

  • Permanent Vehicle Registration: A permanent registration certified by the RTO for any new purchased vehicle. Applicants should apply for this kind of registration within the valid period of the temporary vehicle registration in the concerned RTO with all required documents.


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Driving Licence issued in Ahmedabad RTO Offices.

Here are the types of vehicle categorized for the issuance of driving licence at Ahmedabad RTO.

  • Motorcycle with engine capacity of up to 50cc. This is issued to applicants who are at the age of 16 or above. The application should include the consent from their parents and guardians together with the required documents.

  • Motorcycle with gear: Applicants of all motorcycles with gears should be at the age of 18 or above.

  • Two-wheelers without gear: this kind of driving licence will be issued to any mopeds/ two-wheelers without gears.

  • Light motor vehicles (LMV): Issued to the drivers of LMVs such as cars, vans, jeeps, autos and more and can be used for both private and commercial purposes.

  • Heavy Commercial Vehicle: Applicants should be 8th-standard qualified, at the age of 18 or above and have a proper driving training certificate issued by registered training school under the state government.

  • Road rollers, dozers, trailers, cranes, etc: driving licence for these vehicles are also issued by the RTO in Ahmedabad.

  • Transport Vehicles: Applicants should be 8th standard-qualified, at the age of 18 or above and get a proper training certificate.

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