Here's The BIG DADDY Of Mahindra XUV500 and Scorpio

by Kshitij Rawat | 27/05/2020
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Check out this military Mahindra vehicle, specially built to survive in the desert. Its intimidating looks are only matched by its extreme functionality!

Mahindra & Mahindra is known for its rugged UVs, like the Scorpio, XUV500, Bolero, etc. However, there are some other products built by the company that are even more rugged and tough, but not available for the general public to buy. Which ones, you ask? Well, ever heard of the Mahindra Armored Light Specialist Vehicle (ALSV)?

Here's The BIG DADDY Of Mahindra XUV500 and Scorpio

Mahindra ASLV is, as the name suggests, a light armoured vehicle, specially developed for military and defence forces. It comes standard with STANAG Level I Ballistics and Blast protection, which can be upgraded to STANAG Level II Ballistics. The vehicle has plenty of space inside the cabin for six crew members (upgradable to eight) and weapons, with an additional load-carrying capacity of 400 Kg, which brings the total payload capacity to 1,000 Kg. Run-flat tyres are also a part of the standard equipment, even on the spare wheel, to help the crew drive to safety in the event of a puncture.

Mahindra ASLV front angle


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Mahindra ASLV rear angle

In terms of looks, Mahindra ASLV looks as functional as it looks intimidating. If you saw one on the street, you might not know the make and model of the vehicle, but you would instantly recognise it as a military vehicle. The design is extremely boxy, and the armour plating makes it look extremely bulky, especially due to the bulging doors. The front grille with vertical slats gives it a little resemblance to the rest of the Mahindra vehicle family. There's also an option to install a grenade launcher, which we're sure the army might need in hostile situations,


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Mahindra ASLV side angle and interior

Powering the ASLV is a 3.2-litre multi-fuel diesel engine. It is a turbocharged, inline-6 powerplant capable of generating 215 PS and 500 Nm of maximum power and torque, respectively. It runs primarily on diesel, but can also run on “alternative” fuels, like certain types of jet fuels, etc. It comes mated to a 4-speed automatic transmission as standard, or an optional 6-speed auto gearbox. Power is set to all the four wheels via a 4X4 system, with front and rear differential locks. The vehicle has been specialised for mobility in the desert, which is why it also offers a recovery winch mounted at the front, to help pull the ALSV out of any tricky off-road situation. It also features a self-cleaning air filter and exhaust scavenging system, specially made for sandy environments,

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