Watch Mahindra Scorpio FAIL on a Bad Road While Tata Tiago Easily Clears It

by IndianAuto Team | 26/04/2020
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Recently, a video which shows a Tata Tiago successfully overcoming the off-road challenge while the Mahindra Scorpio getting stuck has been released. Read on to discover.

SUVs are becoming increasingly popular in Inda with numerous models of various shapes and sizes. The Indian people have a deep passion for SUVs or any car that looks like an SUV. This type of vehicles is well-known for their rugged appearance, high ground clearance and great off-road capabilities, which make them greatly suitable for the Indian terrains. Although SUVs are supposed to overcome bad roads without any difficulties; sometimes, there are exceptional situations where SUVs have great difficulties in dealing with bad roads. Below is a video which shows a Mahindra Scorpio getting stuck while going through an inclined terrain; meanwhile, the much smaller Tata Tiago can clear this section with ease. 

The video starts by showcasing a broken patch of road in Arunachal Pradesh. The vlogger was travelling from Parashuram Kund to Walong Town, which is the easternmost town of the country. The roads appear to be in a very bad condition with loose surfaces all around. After the trucks and other vehicles travel down the steep road, a Tata Tiago and a Mahindra Scorpio appear.


Modified Mahindra Scorpio Pickup by Bimbra 4X4 Looks Dashing

The Tiago is the first one to overcome the challenge. At first, the vlogger is worried that the hatchback woud not go through the inclined section due to its low ground clearance which might result into the underbelly hitting the rocks as the car climbs up. Surprisingly, the Tata Tiago can sail through the steep section without any difficulty. On the other hand, the Mahindra Scorpio loses grip and the rear wheels start spinning. It does not manage to climb the inclined section at first try. The driver reverses the car and then tries again. At its third try, thanks to a little bit momentum, the SUV finally manages to climb up the inclined terrain.

While Tata Tiago Overcomes Steep Road, Mahindra Scorpio Gets Stuck. Why?

While the Tata Tiago can overcome the rough terrain with ease, the Mahindra Scorpio takes three attempts to clear the section.

Many people must have thought that the Mahindra Scorpio would overcome the steep road much more easily than the Tata Tiago. However, the reverse case happens. Why? There are two reasons. Firstly, it is the lighter weight that helps the Tiago to be easily controlled over such bad roads. Secondly, the Tata Tiago comes with an FWD system. On the other hand, the Mahindra Scorpio is offered with a RWD system. Since the motor of the Tiago is in the front of the vehicle, the weight of the motor on the front axle supports the car by supplying additional grip. But if the Scorpio is not loaded up, it might lose grip at such situations. Having said that, the Mahindra Scorpio is still a highly capable car with great off-road capabilities. If it had had sufficient load inside the car with enough weight on the rear axle, the SUV would have also overcome the rough terrain at the first attempt.

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