Pea-brained Mahindra Scorpio Owner Annoys Road Users With Train Horn - VIDEO

by Vivaan Khatri | 05/10/2020
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This Mahindra Scorpio is installed with a pressure horn system which scares the hell out of passersby. This, however, isn't advisable. Read here to know the fines of such violations.

In India, it is mandated by the law that vehicles’ horns must adhere to the sound limit regulations. However, as you might be aware, some people still hold this weird fascination of blatantly loud and annoying horn sounds. We can still hear these obscure sounds in many cities where cops do not pay much attention to this kind of violation. The following video will give you an example of how rude and annoying these horn blasters can be.

HornBlasters!!! Train Horn in Scorpio!!! Public reaction

The video, as it is revealed by the uploader itself, was recorded inside a Mahindra Scorpio. This particular vehicle is installed with an aftermarket pressure horn system which emits train-like horn sound. This video shows the reactions of the pedestrians as well as other drivers to the sudden loud noise. Most people are startled and scared by this annoyingly-loud sound. Some of them are so scared that they suddenly start running. The video uploader claims that this is a reuploaded video and clarifies that he does not support this behaviour. In the comment section, most people show their anger toward this prank. Generally, such installation is despised by most road users.  


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For what we know, such pressure horn installation is restricted even in heavy vehicles like trucks or buses according to the traffic regulations. Under the current rules, the horn system’s loudness is limited to 93 dB and 112 dB. In the future, under the revised regulations, the limit level is likely to be lowered to under 100 dB.

honk blaster reaction

The installation of pressure horn is restricted in India

The loud horn is among the major causes of urban noise pollution. In some cases, such loud and unexpected horns can scare other drivers, causing them to lose control of the car. At worst, it can lead to car accidents. It is also reported that there are actual cases where people have a heart attack due to these deafening horn. In the long run, continuous exposure to loud noise will damage your hearing ability. And the person who is exposed to this danger most is no other than the driver of the car, not to mention the psychological impact on the people hearing it. The only time these horn system can be tolerated is when it is used on expedition vehicles to send signals to other people in case it got lost.


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Vehicles installed by such loud horn system can be pulled over by the cops. The fine for this kind of violation is up to Rs 1,000 for the first time. If caught the second time, the owner of the car will have to pay up to Rs 2,000 or more.

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