Here's a Mahindra Thar Fitted with Train Horn Worth Rs 1 Lakh

by Jatin Chhibber | 16/09/2020
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While the enthusiasts have been focussed on the second-generation Mahindra Thar, we have managed to get our hands on a video of a modified Mahindra Thar which employs a pressure horn that costs Rs 1 lakh.

India is a country of many kinds of motorists who love converse via horn on roads. It is among the top countries when it comes to the usage of horns. That’s why noise pollution in our country is pretty high. Honking all the time has now become a habit of many Indian drivers and that’s why a lot of people get aftermarket horns installed in their vehicles for better sound quality. Many people also import horns from foreign countries and install them in their cars. Here is one such guy who installed a pressure horn worth Rs 1 lakh in his Mahindra Thar.


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This Rs 1 lakh horn has been imported from Canada and it sounds like a train horn. The owner of the car says that this horn sounds exactly like a train horn and uses a complicated set-up. For this horn, there is a different set-up placed the back of the SUV. It gets air compressor and a network of pipes that blow into the horn, which is placed in the engine bay of the car. Moreover, there’s a separate button for the horn because you cannot use it on the public roads. Such big and loud pressure horns are banned in India. Earlier, pressure horns were quite common on the Indian roads and were installed in all the roadway buses and trucks.



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Nevertheless, cops in the different states of India now ensure that people do not use such loud horns. According to the Indian government, the maximum loudness of a horn cannot exceed 112 dB. The cost of this horn is Rs 1 lakh, which is pretty expensive. This is a pressure horn, but there are a lot of other horns available in the market like one can get a trumpet horn which costs around Rs 25,000 or compressor horn, which is priced at Rs 35,000. Using such loud horns can give anxiety attack to the people or can permanently damage their ears. So, always prefer using stock horns. 

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