2020 Mahindra Thar Rendered To Become A Super BUTCH Pick-up Truck

by Mohammed Burman | 03/09/2020
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Recently, the new Mahindra Thar has been rendered to become a heavily modified 6x6 pickup truck. Read on to discover.

The 2020 Mahindra Thar has been unveiled earlier this year before its launch, which is scheduled to take place on October 2, 2020. Ever since the new-gen model of the off-roader has been unveiled, it has been imagined in numerous forms. Recently, the vehicle has been rendered as a super butch 6X6 pick up truck. Firstly, let’s have a look at the video which shows the modification process of the rendered Mahindra Thar.


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The rendering is created by SRK Designs, and the video has been shared on their official Youtube channel. After the whole modification process is shown, the final result also appears at the end of the video and looks really dramatic. The rendered Mahindra Thar has a much longer wheelbase than the stock version, which allows it accomodate an additional axle. Moreover, the modified Thar also gets crew-cab with a loading bed at the rear, which will certainly increase its practicality. Besides, the new Thar has also received numerous other alterations. In the front, it gets an all-black horizontally stacked grille. The car also comes with a dual-tone paint scheme and a pack of auxiliary lights on the rooftop. If this rendered iteration of Mahindra Thar reaches the production line, it will surely attract everyone’s attention. Nevertheless, this modification will be very expensive, and most importantly, illegal in India.

2020 Mahindra Thar Rendered To Become A Super BUTCH Pick Up Truck

However, the additional axle would pose great difficulties. An additional live axle on a vehicle means that it will consume more fuel. Such a system can be useful during off-roading and dune bashing when the car weight is equally distributed on a larger number of tyres and extra traction is available. However, daily driving with this 6X6 system can be very difficult and uncomfortable.


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How do you feel about this impressively modified Mahindra Thar rendering? Do not hesitate to write to us and share your feelings.

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