Mahindra Thar VS Maruti Gypsy in a Drag Race

by Jatin Chhibber | 20/11/2020
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Here’s a drag race between the first-gen Mahindra Thar and Maruti Gypsy. Watch the video embedded below to know amazing results.

Mahindra Thar and Maruti Gypsy are among the two most capable 4X4 off-roaders, which are loved by most of the enthusiasts around the country. Both the SUVs are quite different from each other mechanically. Earlier, we’ve covered a lot of drag races on our website, but the drag race we are featuring today is quite different because this is an off-road drag race between first-gen Mahindra Thar and Maruti Gypsy. 


New Mahindra Thar with Multi-spoke 18-inch Alloys has got SWAG

In the Indian market, Mahindra Thar and Maruti Gypsy have their own set of followers. Maruti Gypsy is popular for its lightweight body and high-revving gasoline mill. On the other hand, Mahindra Thar is known for its robust built quality and low-end engine torque. The video is uploaded by a YouTube channel named as Lokesh swami. This drag race video features two Mahindra Thar SUVs and one Maruti Gypsy. Mechanically, all the SUVs seem to be in stock condition. The Mahindra Thar on the right-hand side of the starting line remained far behind from the start. The Maruti Gypsy and Mahindra Thar in the middle fight it out till the finish line. As soon as the race starts, the Maruti off-roader takes the lead. In the video, the Mahindra Thar can be seen catching the Maruti Gypsy and towards the end, one can also see the Mahindra SUV getting close to the Gypsy. This video clearly shows how the lighter bodyshell and gasoline mill helped Gypsy to take the lead.



This Subtly Modified Maruti Gypsy Looks as BOLD as a new Mahindra Thar

The Maruti off-roader is powered by a 1.3-litre petrol engine, which is tuned to develop 80bhp of power and 104 Nm of twisting force. The Mahindra Thar seen in this video is propelled by a 2.5-litre turbocharged diesel mill, which develops power and torque outputs of 105bhp and 247 Nm. Now the company has launched the new-gen model of the SUV into our market, which is propelled by a petrol and diesel engine. Soon, Suzuki will introduce the new-gen Gypsy in the Indian market. I was showcased early this year at the 2020 Auto Expo.

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