Dressed As An Astronaut, This Man Protested Against Potholes In Bangalore

by Mohammed Burman | 05/09/2019
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Recently, a man in Bangalore has implemented a very creative protest against potholes in India by getting dressed as an astronaut walking on the moon.

Being one of the most modern cities in India, Bangalore is known as an information technology centre which attracts millions of technology lovers with good job opportunities. It seems to be a perfect city for Indian youngsters in all aspects except for one thing, roads.

The city is so notorious for bad-quality roads, especially, the Tunganagar Main Road, that road users have faced many difficulties when passing them. Recently, a city citizen has implemented a protest against potholes in Bangalore in particular and in India in general in a very creative way. Firstly, let’s have a look at the video below to find out which way he chose.

Astronaut walking on moon surface in Bengaluru

As per the video, the man gets dressed as an astronaut and conducted a “moon walk” on a broken stretch of road in Bangalore (let’s imagine it is the moon’s surface). This astronaut actually is an artist who has been in the spotlight many times for using arts to protest against flawed policies and infrastructure. The message behind the video is that the road conditions in Bangalore can be compared to the rough moon’s surface.  

While this is a funny video, it does raise people’s awareness of the multiple potholes in India and their dangers. The video also clearly shows the carelessness and the irresponsibility of the authorities since it does highlight the problems of low-quality roads not only in Bangalore but also in the whole country as well.  

moonwalk in bengaluru

The man has somewhat been successful in raising people's awareness of the potholes in India and their dangers.

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Low-quality roads and potholes are among the most common causes of traffic accidents in India. To make matters worse, they also are the reasons for vehicles’ wear and tear, which lead to higher maintenance costs. It is high time that measures were taken to repair all roads so that road users can enjoy the most economic and safest journey as possible.

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