Man Sets His Jeep On Fire For Viral Tik Tok Video

by Harish Kumar | 03/09/2019
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Police arrested a man in Rajkot for burning his Jeep on the public roads.

What could you do to make a viral video on Tik Tok? A song? Or a dance? People are trying different things to catch the attentions on social network. However, we’re pretty sure that none of them would burn their own car and suffer from a massive finacial loss for a viral Tik Tok video, except for this guy.

Man burning his Jeep | Dayra Ni Mozz

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To everyone’s amazement, a man from Rajkot has set his own Jeep on fire in the middle of a public road while his friend recorded the scene. The car is reported to be burned in front of a fire station while the recorded video has become viral on Tik Tok – a digital platform for sharing interesting videos. 

man burned his Jeep

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The video was recorded on the Kotharia road in Rajkot where the man was seen casually standing alongside his Jeep before throwing a lit matchstick into the car. The vehicle then quickly catches fire so it is certain that the man has poured some combustible liquids like petrol on the vehicle. As the car burst into flames, passersby were trying to swerve their vehicles to avoid the fire.

man set his Jeep on fire

Doing such kind of things on the public roads is, beyond doubts, illegal in India and understandably, the guys have been arrested by the police after the video went viral on the Internet. In fact, burning a car in a busy junction with many vehicles and pedestrians around is extremely dangerous. Luckily, no injury occurred due to this incident.

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Speaking on the episode, the Police inspector of Bhaktinagar police station said-

“Some friends of the accused asked his jeep for Ganesha procession on Monday. When they tried turning on the ignition, the Jeep didn’t start and he felt that he could not keep up to his promise and lost credit before his friends and in rage set his Jeep on fire”.

Both the accused have been booked under IPC section 285 which charges them with “negligence conduct with respect to fire”.

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