Maruti Alto Owner Fined For Driving His 'Baleno' At 144 Kmph - How On Earth?

by Mohammed Burman | 17/09/2019
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Recently, a Maruti Alto owner reached out to the UP Police on Twitter for the wrong challan issued for driving his car at 144 kmph.

A Maruti Alto owner was recently challenged for driving at 144 kmph. The UP police caught sight of a Maruti Baleno being driven at 144 kmph on camera; however, they issued the wrong challan for the registration number of a Maruti Alto. The owner of the Alto decided to bring the case to Twitter and reach out to the UP Police. In his Tweet, he states that he has been issued a wrong challan. Enclosed with his post are the images uploaded on the website of the UP Police, which serves as the proof for his violation. However, the images display a Baleno, not an Alto. He also invites the police to drive his Alto to drive his vehicle and if they can reach 144 kmph, he is willing to pay INR 2,000 for the fine.

maruti owner wrongly fined tweet

The Maruti owner invites the UP police to drive his car and offers to pay them INR 2,000 if they can reach a speed of 144 kmph.

This is not the first time that a wrong challan has been issued by the traffic police. One of the striking examples for the case in which a Maruti S-Cross driver was challaned for not wearing a helmet. To protest against the ridiculous punishment, he has started to wear a helmet while... driving. Since these challans are not issued right at the scene but online, the images are taken from a speed camera and mistakes could have happened when the details of the registration number were transferred to the system.

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The new challan rates 2019 in the amended Motor Vehicle Act has made the penalties for traffic violations increase to a great extent along with some new penalties. Although a number of states have implemented the new challan rates 2019, Uttar Pradeshi is one of the states which have maintained the old challan rates without adopting the new ones. Besides, in some other states including Gujarat, the new Motor Vehicle Act has been carried out, but the new challan rates have been considerably reduced.

police stop traffic rules violators

The new challan rates 2019 have been implemented by numerous states in India.

Nitin Gadkari, Union Minister for Road Transport and Highways, stated that whether the new Motor Vehicle Act is implemented or not totally depends on the states’ decision. He also emphasized that the amended penalties have been introduced with a view to reducing the traffic accidents on Indian roads without generating any revenue.

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