Here's One of the Neatest Maruti Baleno Modifications Ever

by Mohit Bhardwaj | 02/05/2020
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Modified Maruti Balenos are in plenty around us. This one, however, wears a gorgeous wrap from Avery Dennison and has been tuned from Pete's Automotive.

Maruti Baleno is the best-selling premium hatchback in the country. It was launched back in the year 2015 and is almost 5 years old now. Therefore, a lot of aftermarket accessories are now readily available in the market. Thus, enthusiasts are also interested in buying one and then tune it according to their needs. However, only a few know the art of coming up with a tastefully modified example. Since too sweet can be dangerous to the health, same way too many unnecessary mods are overkill for the car. But here’s a beautifully modified Maruti Baleno, which might urge you to get one home.


Here's a Modified Maruti Baleno with Lambo Doors

Crazily Wrapped Maruti Baleno Is The Best-Ever We Came Across

The car has been turned to produce 94 BHP of peak power and 215 Nm of max. torque.

The car in the pictures belongs to Aswin Saseedharan, who hails from mod’s own country – Kerela. Starting with the cosmetic modifications first, it features an Avery Dennison wrap that helps it stand out in the crowd and attract a lot of eyeballs for itself. The rear half of the car has been wrapped in a shade of black and grey with red highlights and it looks undeniably beautiful. The car has been de-chromed with the use of matt-black colour tone. The ORVMs, front grille, and the roof of the car, have been painted in black.

On the front bumper, a sleek splitter has been added to give it that picture-perfect face. It now sits on a set of 6-spoke 17-inch 9J alloy wheels, which are wrapped in stickier 215-section rubber. On the inside, the car has been fitted with a Pioneer touchscreen head unit which is coupled to a Kickersubwooferr, Sony Xplode 2-channel Amplifier, Infinity components on front doors, JBL components on rear doors, and a Hertz HCP-4 4-channel amplifier.


Honda City Hatchback Versus Maruti Baleno - Who Better?

Crazily Wrapped Maruti Baleno Is The Best-Ever We Came Across

The wrap on this Baleno is from Avery Dennison who are based out of Gurgaon.

Things under the hood have also been souped up on this Baleno. It uses the Fiat-sourced 1.3L turbocharged diesel, which produced 74 BHP and 190 Nm in its stock form. However, this one is tuned by Pete’s automotive to belt out a peak power output of 94 BHP and 215 Nm of max. torque. The option of a diesel engine is no more available with the Baleno since Maruti denied updating it to withstand the new stringent emission norms. Hence, the Baleno is now available with 2 petrol engine options – an 83 PS K12M mill and a 90 PS K12N DualJet motor.

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