This Maruti Baleno is a Ford Mustang WANNABE

by Chandrutpal Kashyap | 25/11/2020
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Maruti Baleno sedan could never outsell the likes of Honda City but it was among the most successful cars in the local rally scene

India has a thriving aftermarket and modification scene with most people in the country going for aftermarket alloy wheels and body kits. If you want your mods to be a bit subtle or over the top, you’ll find ample choices for both. A well-modified car can look glorious while it's very easy to ruin it as well. We have seen a lot of pictures in the past where the owners go the extra mile to make their car look like a supercar or something and we have featured some of these modifications as well. Today we have pictures of what used to be a Maruti Baleno sedan but has been transformed into a Ford Mustang, well, almost.


Modified Ford Mustang Showcased At Bangkok International Motorshow 2019

The images have been uploaded by rajcustoms_rattewalia over on their Instagram page. This is not their first project and they have a history of modifications as well. This Ford Mustang you see here actually is a Maruti Baleno sedan underneath. Raj customs started by stripping the car bare, after which they started fabricating the panels for the Mustang replica. The rear doors have been binned and are strictly a 2-door like a Mustang. Raj customs did their best to give it a sloping coupe roofline like the original, but you can see that it turned out to be questionable at best, plain ugly at worst. We can see the amount of work and time that has been spent on this vehicle by the workers, but it still can’t replicate it well mainly because all the panels on this car are handmade, so discrepancies will be there.

Overall, it does look like a Mustang from a few angles, but once you take a closer look you can make out it is a facsimile. The bonnet gets two scoops at the front and there is a wide grille with the Mustang logo fitted on it. You get a set of multi-spoke alloy wheels shod with Pirelli tyres while the rear gets a boot lip spoiler and taillamps like the original Ford Mustang. Additionally, you can also see a set of quad exhausts sprouting from the rear bumper, though if it works or not isn’t mentioned. 


Track-Focused Ford Mustang Mach 1 Revealed

The main benefit of getting your cars modified from these garages is that they’re comparatively cheaper than going for a proper body kit which can get very expensive very fast. This particular car has been modified to the point that you can’t figure out it is actually a Baleno underneath, so technically Raj Customs did get that part right, though it is nowhere near a Ford Mustang.

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